This try to fulfill this gap. Milk production in

This literature
had been done this study is focused on overview the Pakistan. The gap had been
seen in the Pakistan Tetra Pack Milk market for which this study had been
conducted to try to fulfill this gap.




Milk production in Pakistan has
seen a stable increase

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during the last two decades. The
production has

increased from 8.918 million
metric tons in 1982 to

37.811 million metric tons in
2006-07Many new

participants are coming in this
segment like Tapal, FFC

and Dalda already launch it Liquid
Tea whitener with the

aim to raise Tetra Pack Milk share
from 9% to 12% with it

huge awareness and media campaign.
Haleeb Foods

Limited is now one of the greatest
rising packaged food

company in Pakistan with a
twelve-monthly turnover of

Rs. 14 Billion (2014). It started
commercial production in

July 1987. Due to constantly
superior performance, it has

achieved acknowledged leadership
in the liquid packaged

milk group with a market share of
over 52%in his first 17

year. (,

HFL has extremely strong brand
name portfolio

consisting of dairy. Haleeb is the
flagship trademark of

the company. Haleeb UHT Milk is
accessible in 2Sku’s of

Tetra pack packaging. Tea Max is a
leading liquid tea

whitener Tetra Pack Milk for
Haleeb foods in Pakistan.

Due to its physically powerful
positioning of the thickest

milk for best tea, it has the
maximum top of mind

awareness and access in the dairy
industry of

Pakistan.HFL believe in using
cutting edge processing

and packaging technology to meet
consumer prospect of

hygienic and high quality food products. It has extra

30 Tetra machines for its UHT milk
brand and 5 UHT

units with an ability of produce
more than 1.6 Million

Liters of Milk every day. Keep in
view the quantity

possible and increasing growth
trend of the marketplace,

the company has newly inaugurated
a second

independent UHT plant at Rahim Yar
Khan. In order to

give best quality products to its
consumers, HFL has an

acute supply chain infrastructure.
It has heavily invested

in a vast system of company
operate milk collection

centers across the country


Milk industry in Pakistan has huge
forecast for growth.

Packaged milk just has around 9
percent market share.

Pakistan milk industry amount
comprising diverse dairy

products reached at US$26 billion
in urban and rural

areas on the growing population
and household local

consumption, a explore report
stated. Pakistan is said to

be having eight million undeveloped
households that

produce more than 35 billion
liters of milk annually from

about 52 million animals. Yearly
milk production is

predictable at Rs192 billion
(Riaz, 2008).

The arrangement of administration
incentives to the

developed in the late seventies
and the beginning of

ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk,
along with aseptic

packaging material, led to renewed
interesting milk

processing. Ultra heat treatment
(UHT), milk marketed in

aseptic packing (Tetra Pack) as
well as in Poly pack

(Riaz, 2008).

The milk production system in
Pakistan is characterize

by big numbers of small, in nature
dispersed dairy

producers who have profitable
surpluses of milk. In the

past couple of decades, two
institutional developments

contain taken place in the milk
processing division. One

is the access by large saleable
dairy processing firms

that obtain milk from farmers,
process it, and produce a

range of milk products that are
marketed in urban

markets. The other one is movement
starts to alert the

people for Tetra Pack Milk. Many
companies are

investing good amount of money on

awareness i.e. how safe is Tetra
Pack Milk and provides

them Tetra Pack Milk in innovative
packages and also to

guide their multiple usages which
increases consumption

(Bonilla, 2010).


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