This much often because Rowley got a girlfriend and

This story about a
young kid that has up and down though his middle school life. The book name is
DIARY of the Wimpy Kid Hard Luck; the Author of the book is Jeff Kinney this
his eight book in the series of book he has done. The genre of the book is

The main setting is
at a house and at his school. “Maybe it’ll be better later on when were all in
different house and only see each other on holidays.”  The book would make any snice if the setting
was something else. It’s at his middle were a lot of conflict happens, and it
only happens at his middle school.  The
setting is perfect were it took place in the book.  

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The main character in
the book is Greg Hefley, and Rowoley Jefferson the minor character of the story
is Abigail.  Greg is this kid that has
had a rough middle school life and in this book it got worse at the begging. Rowley
had a good year of middle school at the begging of the book. Greg first
appearance was the first page where he talking about his family, Rowley and
Abigail first appearance is the second page. The main character gets really
jealous in book I get really jealous or mad when my parents buy my little
brother something and not me.

The conflict of the
story was when Greg got really jealous at his friend Rowoley because they were
not hanging out much often because Rowley got a girlfriend and he would dedicate
his whole time to her instead of him and they used to do everything together.
She was only using him for school and for homework. Then when Rowley broke up
with his girlfriend now they are best friend and they do everything together.

The theme of the book
is never forget about who your real friends and don’t forget about them when
they were there for you when you were in a situation and they were the only
people that help. Don’t think you are better than any anyone else because you
have a girlfriend

I would rate this
book 10/10 because it was really good book and it had a really good moral to
the story and it really funny the stuff that they did. I would recommend to a
lot of young adults and kids. This book is better for kids because it’s more
childish and less serious and adults like strong books that talks more about
adult stuff.    


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