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This is an article about the life, and career of William Shakespeare. The man who changed the world of playwriting, poetry, and many of the other fascinating things he’s done in his life. He is known as one of the most famous writers in the history of writing. In this article we will be focusing on his early life as a child, his life as an adult, and his overall career. Also in this article you will learn a little bit more about the his family but not his education…and there’s a big reason you won’t see much about his education.William Shakespeare was born on April 26th, 1524. William was not an only child, he had two sisters that were both older than him. He also had three brothers that were all younger than him. His father’s name was John and he was a leather merchant. There aren’t many records of Shakespeare’s early life. Especially of his school educations. Nobody knows for sure what his education was, but some people have suggested that he went to King’s New School. (1)Shakespeare did make a family of his own when he turned 18! His wife Anne Hathaway was older than him by 8 years when they go married. She was pregnant at the time they got married with Shakespeare’s first child, Susanna. A few years later he had twins named Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet sadly died at the age of 11. Later in his life he pretty much vanished. There are no records of a few years. It’s almost like he just disappeared. Some people think this is because of the loss of Hamnet. He later passed on April 23rd, 1616. Three days before his “birthday.” (1)William Shakespeare’s was an actor, playwright and poet. He attracted many famous people with his poems and plays such as the Queen. He made one of the most famous plays of all time. This play was called “Romeo and Juliet.” People speculate that his one play named “Hamlet” was about his one child Hamnet. Shakespeare aso made his own theater. He performed some of his plays in there and other plays as well. He is recognized for changing the world of literature art forever.This was some fascinating stuff about Shakespeare’s life. His early life, family life, adult life, and his career! All of this stuff is just a little bit of the amazing life of William Shakespeare. Oh and just think what if we knew what he did in those 7 years of disappearance? Then maybe there would be a lot more fascinating stuff about his life!


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