This deliver the better value to passengers’ to become

This study has recommended few of
implications for the Sibu airline service through the results and findings from
the study. Hence, by going through the overall findings of the study, there are
some of the important implications that should be emphasized in overall
performance of Sibu airline service. Sibu passengers’ were generally satisfied
with the service provided by the airline. The results show that SERVQUAL
measurement all exceeded the expectation for airline service in Sibu. Although
all exceeded the expectation but the service quality still need to improve by
deliver the better value to passengers’ to become the essential running method of
the service industry businessmen.

this study highlighted several impact of service quality towards passengers’
satisfaction towards Sibu airline service. The findings from Chapter 4 showed
that generally confirmed by the original hypothesis, which five of the service
quality dimensions have significant relationship with passengers’ satisfaction
toward Sibu airline.

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            Tangibility is a crucial
variable in every sector but not only in airline industry sector. Tangible is
accounted for the seats in the plane. Passengers’ perception towards tangible
such as comfortable seats and wider area. By improving the tangible factor
service, Sibu airline should consider purchasing larger plane with the
comfortable seats and wider area which allows movement of the passengers
without affecting the others passengers in flight.

It is also suggested that physical facilitate appearance in Sibu airline
can be improved by having a nice look. Well-planned interior
that includes well-considered combination of all its elements can create a good
impression on customers (Zeithaml, Bitner & Gremler 2009, 105)

in terms of ensuring prompt services and on-time flights would enhance the
passengers’ satisfaction. Reliability dimension which refers to accuracy, low
number of flight cancellations and punctuality. Boone and Kurtz (2006) cited an
example of a budget airline, JetBlue which was ranked first in quality among
U.S. air carriers largely because it arrived punctually 86 percent of the time.
When airline provide a reliable and quality information and service right the
first time and promptly to the passengers, passengers might increase their
impressions towards the service that are provided by them.

the results of the study also give several implications for the Sibu airline on
how to attract and retain the current passengers. Responsiveness means
in-flight personnel and staff have to show their kindness to help the passengers
by solving and providing the services to them without delay. For example, how
the staff could help them cancel their flight, deliver their stuff on time,
help or respond to their losing luggage or promptly help customers in any
emergency cases. Responsiveness to the customers’ enquiries plays an important
role in the service quality of the Sibu airline.

            As we know that assurance is an
important dimension in airline industry because without this elements, the
passengers and tourism would have bad impression and decline the satisfaction
on the airline service which would lower the brand of the airline. Thus, in
order to increase the level of assurance of airline, in-flight personnel and
staff have to keep promise to do something. This will develop passengers’ trust
when passengers receive the quality of services.

indicates providing individual attention and care to customers, which quality
is considered as important elements in any service business (Ryu, k., Lee, H.
R., & Kim, W.G, 2012).  Empathy is
the weakest dimension towards passengers’ satisfaction. Thus, airline companies
should adopt the strategies to satisfied customers into loyal customers. In
order to increase and improve passengers’ satisfaction, airline sector should
conduct proper trainings for their employees, specifically language and
knowledge of flight provide. The training to employees is to ensure that this
aspect of the service is delivered. Factors that cause weakest among customers
should be addressed in order to retain customers and to competitive in the
airline industry.


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