This contract and a foundation for trust, for integrity,

article of Matthew Stewart is enlightening and entertaining. It depicts an
insightful thinking in the field of management and philosophy. He specifically
gives emphasize on the nature of the business consultancy and philosophy. His
advice to anyone considering an MBA was “don’t go to business school, study
philosophy.” He further said that if you want to succeed in business, don`t get
an MBA, study philosophy instead. The secrets of business, he said, were to be
found in history, literature and the classic ruminations on life and existence,
not in the half-baked ramblings of business academics, consultants and “gurus.”
He further expands the article into a devastating critique of managerial thinking
and the profession of management consulting and emphasizes the way consulting
firm works, young MBA graduates with little experience give advice to
executives about running their business. He said that this is it quite obvious
that these consultants often don’t know very much.

article is interesting. The author is so sure enough to say the tricky ways a
business consultancy firm works. Looking back at the author`s background, he
was a philosophy graduate and stumbled into the consulting field and spent
eight years as a high-priced business expert. Mr. Stewart in his eight years –
experience in the consulting field have made him realized the note-worthy
experiences as consultant and at the same time a doctorate graduate of 19th
Century German Philosophy. Thus, based on this thought provoking article, the
following insightful learning captured from the author`s article:

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Beyond building skills, business training must be
about values – business ethics.

All about business is about values, all the time.

Mr. Stewart management advice for today`s academic

a.    Expand the domain of your analysis

b.    Hire people with greater diversity of experience

c.    Remember the 3 Cs: Communication, Communication, Communication 

Management & philosophy are two inseparable paradigms
but Mr. Stewards said that it is more valuable to study philosophy than
business and this finds me really interesting. He said that great philosophers
like Rousseau and Shakespeare offer better management lessons than most
management consultants’ today esp. Jean-Jacques
Rousseau writing about how to build a social
contract and a foundation for trust, for integrity, for ethics.

The author in the final analysis of his article
said that a good manager is nothing more or less than a good and well-educated


All of
these learning serve as an eye opener to everyone. The contribution of the
great philosophers Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, Dewey, Locke and many
other philosophers bounds us to study and be refreshed   of the great philosophers contribution to
mankind especially in the field of management. They have contributed a
practical and realistic application in today’s ethically-challenged management
consulting firm. Thus, the sold out word of Mr. Steward`s which states that a
good manager is nothing more or less than a good and well-educated person.



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