This because they portray some of the criminals as

book is a real eye opener on a lot of things in this world. It gives a lot of
inside information on things that you really wouldn’t think of at first. The
introduction of the book is called “The Hidden Side of Everything” which I really
love because there is always a hidden side to everything especially all the crimes
that have been committed. The book starts off with talking about how the crime
in the 90’s has gone up extremely and the criminologists, political scientists
and forecasters had predicted it was going to get worse. Compared to now, crime
isn’t as bad as it was back then but it’s still bad. These days you hear a lot about
bombings and shootings in foreign countries, at innocent schools, and churches.
The media plays a big role in some of the crimes that are committed because
they portray some of the criminals as bad people and thugs as if they have
never done anything right in life when in reality some of them were good people
but just made a bad decision for whatever reason. According to the book, our
president at the time, Bill Clinton, even stated “We know we’ve got about six
years to turn this juvenile crime thing around…” “or our country is going to be
living with chaos…” Crime starts to decrease as the years went by. The teenage
murder rate went down from 100% to 50% in five years. By 2000 the murder rate
in the United States had been at its lowest than it has ever been in the past
35 years. All the experts who had said the crime was going to get worse, were
shocked and they started to wonder why the sudden drop. Was it the roaring
economy, the policing strategies or the gun controls?

            Chapter one is named “What do
schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?” Now you may think what in
the world would two completely different professions have in common but you’d
be surprise. This chapter starts off with a pair of economists who try and find
solutions that would help parents who constantly pick their kids up from
daycare. The first solution they tried was to add $3 for each child when their
parent showed up late 10 minutes or more. Well that solution didn’t work, the
number of parents who picked up their children late increased. “Before long
there were twenty late pickups per week, more than double the original average.”
The authors, Levitt and Dubner, go into talking about incentives which is how people
get what they want and/or need especially when another person wants and/or
needs the same thing. Incentives are like bullets, keys and they have the
ability and power to change a situation. There are three types of incentives:
economic, social, and moral. We learn how to respond to incentives whether it
is positive or negative as we get older starting when we were young. Levitt and
Dubner asks a question that helps explain incentives, why don’t more people
commit crimes?

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