This at the same time aware of the brand.

This literature review shows the present researchers’ generalization, ideas and conclusion on what other scholars have already researched or written. This will also discuss and analyze the points of the other researchers critically. The topic that will be involved in this literature review is all about the effects of marketing mix on brand awareness which is focused by the researchers in this particular field of study.Brand AwarenessHosseini and Moezzi (2015) defined brand awareness as, “to recall and to purchase a certain brand from a product group.” Commonly people tend to buy things which came from sellers who are familiar to them. According to Shahid et al (2017), consumers usually purchase products that have known about and a commendatory brand name. Brand awareness affects the profitability and growth of the company. As the number of customers increase, the profit also increases. American Marketing Association defined brands as a name, symbol, term design or a combination which is important since it is the trademark of every company that is intended to signify the entity. Brand is perception. It is affected by the functional experience of consumers with a company’s products. Hence, brand awareness is vital in the success of every business entity. Brand knowledge affects brand awareness. When a consumer is knowledgeable of the brand, therefore, the consumer is at the same time aware of the brand. Brand awareness becomes the measurement of the fastness a company can recall the brand in his/her mind. It is the first and foremost limitation in gaining customer product perception. The decision making of a consumer in purchasing is affected by brand awareness. This is also true from the study of Koniewsk (2012) stating that mostly decisions that are made when buying a product for the first time depend on brand awareness.     On a 2012 study on customers’ satisfaction, Hussein  discussed that brand awareness comprises brand recognition and brand recall performance. He also defined that brand recognition is the ability of the customer to acknowledge a brand which he or she has been introduced to already while brand recall is the capacity of the customer to recall a brand when they are thinking of a particular product in that they are planning to acquire. Even Macdonald and Sharp concluded that brand recognition is among the most influencing factor on consumers. When a consumer thinks of a product and the brand name directly pops up the consumer’s mind, then that particular consumer is fully aware of the brand.Thus, the discussed subject can be of a big help in continuously promoting a product since customers can perceive the difference from the business’ product to the competitors product. A consumer will always be hesitant in purchasing a product that he/she has no complete knowledge. Before purchasing, consumers will always perform a thorough market research usually based on what, how, and where to purchase. Therefore, depicting a positive image and high brand awareness will help sustain the company in the long run.


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