This an alternative of this, the underground goods transportation

This examination will depict the foundation to the
venture; the arranged innovation and operation; the monetary, social and
ecological advantages of underground cargo transportation utilizing
electromagnetic framework. For the last many years, the conveyor belt system is
being used by the airport authorities in the baggage transportation field. The
system works with mechanical and electrical power, but the help of human power
is unavoidable and also requires large area and external powers. As an
alternative of this, the underground goods transportation method can be used.

Underground goods transportation is the mechanism
of transportation of goods through underground tunnels which reduce usual
traffic jams and provide rapid delivery of goods to various destination. There
are three types of underground pipeline methods. Slurry pipeline, Pneumatic
pipeline and Magnetic capsule pipeline and here we go for the most efficient
method, that is Magnetic capsule pipeline mechanism.

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Underground Goods Transportation system using
magnetic propulsion

freight transportation(UFT)

It is obtainable as one of the possible solutions
for the transport related problems in big cities. It is a group of automated transportation systems in which capsules carry
goods through tunnels and pipelines between intermodal terminals. Being able to
use a part of the space under existing highways will greatly facilitate the
construction of such tunnels and pipelines and reduce their construction costs.
The opening of a non-conventional system of underground freight transport is
expected to produce good effects, especially on the urban environment and
accessibility. The transport of goods via magnetic system causes fewer
emissions of environmentally harmful substances. Improved traffic safety is
also anoutcome. This is asignificant step towards the goal of a sustainable
urban living environment. Also use of space and the economic functioning of
urban areas are favourably affected.



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