This abilities. Moreover, the lesson of my culture that

This essay is talking about “How I will become an effective global leader?” Overall, start with find the necessary thing for a good boss, then analyzing my abilities such as weaknesses, strongest and abilities. Moreover, the lesson of my culture that have a lot of affect to my personality and mindset that create who I am now. Follow by some of things about Julia Eileen Gillard who is the first President of Australia that I can learn from her about good thing need to follow. All of this are recourse that relate with the way to improve myself to become a good leader. First important thing to mention is the attributes of an effective global leader, Nayak (2015) said “In today’s world, success for any leader is being a good influencer” and described a set of competencies that must have develop skills in local talent before can go to work effectively across culture. Global leaders must have master a pivot to project credibility will earning the trust and respect of their team which is relate with Referent Power of Social Power that have influence to employees(Elias, 2008) . Next, Be Inclusive such as driving value by unlashing idea, spurring and solving problem across distance and difference requires shifting management from command and control to behaving inclusively. The method to do this is by asking the question and listening carefully, giving actionable feedback, maintaining contact with team members and sharing credit for team success, those are mean take care and support employees, give them some rewards. This relate to Bases of Social power French and Raven in reward power and The two factor Theory or Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation which is assumes that employees are happy or unhappy and find the way to produce more (Sachau, 2007). But should not try to motivate employees by offering higher pay, better benefits, and performance bonuses when the managers can motivate them with training, interesting work and more responsibility. The third one is Communicate Effectively, leader need to speak well, deliver a compelling message, and command a room. Leaders need to know how to talk to different market, men are expected to deliver a compelling message by stating their conclusions directly, while women are expected to guide listeners to their conclusion. The last thing is Win Sponsorship, to attract sponsorship at the highest levels, emerging need to be sponsors themselves (Harvard Business Review, 2016). All of competencies are relate with abilities of good leaders.Another important thing to point out is my abilities now, in classroom on week two, when the tutor give the test to find the result about Belbin’s Team Roles. I got Team Worker and Co-ordinator those have the same weakness is low Machiavellian but it’s similar with Implementer’s weak spot. So If I want to be a good leader via refer to this theory I need to improve my behavior closely to the Implement because advantages of it are relate with Roles I have now such as Cohesion, Tries to avoid conflict with Team Worker but at the same time with Co-ordinator can observed as displaying bridging behavior when dealing with conflicts and Adaptive cognitive style (Aritzeta, Swailes and Senior, 2007). In part of Goleman’s Leadership styles, after done the test I found Coaching be my strongest, Coercive is my weakness and other styles are fairly such as Visionary/Authoritative, Affiliates, Democratic and Pacesetting .In term of commanding or Coercive in short meaning is telling people do something because I say so in emergency situation which is need to use fast and clear order. Sometimes I can but not every times, also have not the ability to punish for non-compliance so I think the reason why I have no this power because of my personality. In my age around 28 years old I expect everyone will have responsibility on their work and I have not enough power to punish team when they, he or she do wrong or do nothing especially, in group work. Luckily, my teammates are know what they have to do but if they do not done their parts I still have no power to judgment them at all and I do not want to do it. On the other hand, Coaching is mean connects what a person wants with the organization’s goals, holding long conversations that reach beyond the workplace, helping people find strengths and weaknesses and tying there to career aspirations and action also good at delegating challenging assignments, demonstrating faith that demands justification and have a highly positive impact on the climate in team. Personally, I am sure that I can tell people I have talk to for a while what are they abilities, strong points and weak spot, more than that I have confident what I say to people is true and have proof to support my words. About Julia Eileen Gillard, in an interview for Daily Life on 30th November 2012, she explained her tough and steely personality “I think some part of it are innate and some part of it have been strengthened. I have always been a very, even as a child, I have always been a very calm person. I am not a very even tempered person. That’s who I am. I always had a very strong sense of myself and not had that easily pushed and pulled by the views of others. And I suspect that being able to get a sense of remove on it. Its bit like a muscle, the more you work it the stronger it get” Also spoke out for women against misogyny in Parliament “I will not be lectured about sexism & misogyny by this man. I will nit. The government will not be lectured about sexism & misogyny by this man. Not now, not ever. The leader of the opposition says that people who hold sexist view & who are misogynist are not appropriate for high office. Well I hope the leader of the opposition has got a piece of paper and he writing out his resignation. If he wants to see what misogyny look like in modern Australia he does not need a motion in the House of Representatives, he need a mirror.” This speech resonated strongly with women all around the world. Within a day, this speech went viral, and significantly increased female support towards her. (The Five Most Influential Political Leaders, 2017). Her leadership style is Democratic and Leadership Traits are Motivate people, Relationship Builder, and Focused. Absolutely, every leaders should have Motivation which is basic of leadership skills that relate with her second skill, she prove to everyone how a women can be as capable in a job. To be a prime minister, building up the trust is as good as building base of followers for number of votes also made a lot of good friends who support her. Focused is a leadership skill needed in hospitality industry, the ability to pick oneself up after a failure is important. She had the vision to help people achieve education and get good support from government in the workforce. This is led her to become the leader of the labor party. (, 2016).     As a result, how to improve my leadership skills from all resources above. According to my personality, I need to improve my Motivation right now, try to talk to people more than currently situation because I do not like to go to talk to other if that not necessary. I am introvert person so this skill is a challenge for me to develop myself and also communicate skill that include in the task too. I feel confuse about my Belbin’s Team Roles as a Cohesion Tries to avoid conflict but at the same time Co-ordinator find the way to solve the problem so I think about two of those roles and look back at myself and found out that it me when I face to face with the problem then I leave or do not touch it for a while, after that I come back and find the way to dealing with. So first thing I need to improve myself in this roles is do not runaway, turn back and fight against the conflict at the moment to become an Implementer. Moreover, I need to be brave as Julia Eileen Gillard to speak to everyone and ready to stand against with people. As a woman, I have less confident to talk to other I do not used to this is my big problem to increase my leadership skill. It is different with group work that have only friends with. When I help my father to do the work in family company I feel like I do not want to bother my employees too much but it not right, I fear to talk with them that is why I have no Coercive ability at all. So I need to change myself to have a lot of confident, improve communicate skill that will help me to have motivation skill too.     ReferencesAritzeta, A., Swailes, S. and Senior, B. (2007). Belbin’s Team Role Model: Development, Validity and Applications for Team Building. Journal of Management Studies, 44(1), pp.96-118.  Elias, S. (2008). Fifty years of influence in the workplace. Journal of Management History, 14(3), pp.267-283.Harvard Business Review. (2016). The Attributes of an Effective Global Leader. online Available at: Accessed 9 Jan. (2016). Julia Gillard. online Available at: Accessed 14 Jan. (2016). Summary of Leadership Styles – Goleman. Abstract. online Available at: Accessed 13 Jan. 2018.Sachau, D. (2007). 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