These restrictions are fair to the people and government,

These freedoms mean more than what you think of them as


Freedom of speech, religion and
petition are guaranteed the most useful compared to the other

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 individual freedoms.


These three amendments give you more
power than you thought you had, and here’s why.



“Congress shall make no law…abridging
freedom of speech.”


freedom of speech. Already known to be a powerful freedom,

it actually has more
meaning than what you think. The freedom of speech allows you to speak freely
and express your opinion, without any censorship. However, there are
limitations. For example, if you were advertise an illegal drug of some sort at
a sponsored event, and even just stirring up danger that could get people
harmed, would be violating the freedom of speech (n.d.)., p8). These
restrictions are fair to the people and government, making sure people don’t
get ahead of themselves because of a freedom as powerful as this.

So why should the freedom of speech be needed?
Why shouldn’t it be abolished?

Here’s why. The freedom of speech is a democratic ideal, and is
what we need to keep the U.S. healthy. Dating all the way back to the end of
the fifth century B.C, the freedom of speech had a lot to do with the ancient
Greeks, who pioneered it as a democratic principle ( Staff. (2017).

Freedom of Speech, p3). It is believed
that the freedom wasn’t thought about at first, but would make a great addition
to the amendment, protecting our rights to express our opinions.

The freedom of speech is featured everywhere

Almost everyone in the whole U.S, knows about free speech, and
what it means to us. It’s highly possibly you’ve heard someone say the phrase
“It’s freedom of speech!” when said something inappropriate, or revolting. The
restrictions of the freedom haven’t changed, and there’s been punishments for
whoever violates it. Needless to say, the freedom of speech has not changed
since it was first created.



shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the
free exercise thereof…”


The freedom
of a religion is a necessary individual freedom, providing the rights of

your religion wherever and whenever
you’d like, thanks to Free Exercise and Establishment clause. The Free Exercise
Clause allows you to practice any religion and engage in religious rituals (Ash, E. T. (2010, May
04),, p1), while the Establishment clause forbids the government from
creating a new religion, and a law where you have to respect it. This also
forbids the government from favoring a religion over another religion. (Carlson, M. D. (2009,
June 10),, p1).

This freedom is needed because it protects our
religious freedom.

In 1802, Jefferson sent in a confusing letter Baptist
Association of Connecticut. A source of the confusion was “separation of church
and state” (Marshall, J. A. (n.d.)., p7). Unfortunately,
due to the confusion, more and more people thought of religion as a burden and
that it should be practiced privately. It obvious that this is incorrect, as

Jefferson wanted religion to be protected, and for people to
practice their religion freely without the government interfering. Ths became
widely known, and opened our eyes, one of the main reasons as to why religion
is one of the individual freedoms we have stored in the First Amendment.

Religion is highly connected to politics
today, as shown in election polls.

It plays a big role as it is obvious and said that people will
elect someone with the same religious belief as themselves (Julie Butters,
College of Arts & Sciences. (n.d.)., p4). Religion is
also compared to Politics, as the government enforces the law on books, whereas
religion encourages you to follow the law (Elder Wilford W.

Andersen, The Essential Role of Religion. (n.d.)., p5 )


“Congress shall make no law… abridging…the
right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a
redress of grievances.”


freedom of petition is as powerful as the freedom of speech.

The freedom of
petition is a individual freedom that grants you the power to petition against
the government, meaning you are allowed to complain to the government without
fear of punishment, which is why it’s so powerful. You are allowed to expose
wrongs by the government, and even sue
them, whereas the courts decide the wrongs.

why is this freedom needed?

This freedom played an
important role in Civil Rights fight, The court later ruling in many cases that
the African Americans were allowed to petition against the government. (Freedom of Petition
Clause. (n.d.)., p4) Now this was important because not even till
later on did the whites have the right to petition against the government. This
freedom gives the states, specifically- the people, the right to treat the
government as a normal person, and petition against them, not giving the
government too much power.

the Freedom of Petition is still protected, and still used today.

It’s the 21st century,
and people still decide to challenge/petition against the government without
any issues. People have tried the government when they believed their rights
were violated/assaulted, meaning that the freedom of petition is still as
important as when they made it (Freedom of Assembly and Petition (n.d.)., p2). It remains as
powerful as these other two amendments, still going strong.


These are the reasons as to why these amendments are undoubtedly
the best individual freedoms stored in the first Amendment.


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