There Top 100 wrote, “Bell Canada also supported the

There are
many companies in Canada, as well as around the world, that provide effective
diversity programs. Throughout these countless organizations that practice
their own unique diversity programs there are a number of similar, and
distinctive focuses that each program chooses. The companies I have chosen to
examine today are Air Canada, Bell Canada, and the TD Bank Group. All three
were named one of Canada’s best diversity employers, and are well known
successful companies. I am going to talk about how these organizations approach
diversity in their own way, how they approach it in a similar way, and if there
is an ideal way to approach diversity in all workplaces.

Air Canada, Bell Canada, and the TD bank group,
all have their independent goals towards the goal of incorporating diversity
within the workplace. Indigenous people in Canada have been discriminated
against, and excluded from many of the freedoms that other races in Canada have
had for much longer. Air Canada recognizes this bias, and chose has a
partnership with “imagineNATIVE”, an organization that allows indigenous filmmakers
to play their films as part of the in-flight entertainment programming. Through
this small but impactful incorporation of aboriginal media on a public platform,
many indigenous filmmakers now have the chance to communicate their message to
a large audience, and educate more with their films. The other initiative is
led by Bell Canada, is approaching diversity with something that could be
within every gender, sexual orientation, race or religion, which is mental
illness through its support of internal mental health by creating a mental
health policy, as well as contribution benefits supporting mental health care. Canada’s Top 100 wrote, “Bell Canada
also supported the creation of the National Standard for Psychological Health
and Safety in the Workplace and is the first company to adopt the standard
internally, providing all managers with Workplace Mental Health certificate
training.” (Leung). This shows the progressive stance Bell Canada is taking
towards its mission of achieving diversity in the workplace. TD Bank Group has
chosen to take their multicultural appreciation into its forefront, choosing
to, “…incorporate diverse groups in advertising materials and initiated
diversity reporting to review its market creative on a quarterly basis to
ensure marketing materials meet diversity standards from an imagery perspective.”
(Leung). By including more diverse groups within advertising, not only are you
showing your support of diversity, but you are also giving more job
opportunities to diverse people. These are the unique ways that diversity in
the organization has been implemented by some very influential companies.

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One initiative has been pushed by many
organizations from Canada and otherwise is the goal of supporting women in the
workplace. According to The Canadian
Encyclopedia, “The majority of women in the labour force have always been
isolated in “female” occupations, called such because they are often extensions
of the work women do at home and because the vast majority of the people doing
them are women.”  (Connelly). This shows
the discrimination that has been prevalent in North American against women
since the beginning of the industrial revolution. As a means of combating the bias
that took place in the past, companies like Air Canada, Bell Canada, and the TD
Bank Group all have similar initiatives to break down the gender roles of the
past, and show the appreciation of the women in the workforce in present day. An
article published by Cision reported that Human Resource Vice President, Arielle
Meloul-Wechsler, of Air Canada stated, “Women work alongside male colleagues
flying our aircraft, maintaining technologically advanced airplanes and
systems, occupying senior management roles in law, finance, accounting, IT,
human resources, in-flight service, customer service, commercial services,
communications and in specialized airline operations. The sky is truly the
limit, and we strongly encourage girls and young women to pursue their aviation
dreams and consider careers in non-traditional professions.” (Meloul-Wechsler).
This quote from the human resource vice president of Air Canada shows how much
they do appreciate the women in their workforce and encourage more young women
to think of aviating as a career path. Bell Canada, on the other hand has some
more internal programs such as the national Women at Bell network, as well as
sponsoring “…female executives’ participation in career development programs
such as The Judy Project and the International Women’s Foundation fellowship.” (Leung).
Bell has participated in the sponsoring of executives for 11 years now, this
shows the dedication and consideration that Bell Canada has put into making
certain the women within the workplace are acknowledged and supported. Both
Bell Canada and the TD Bank Group are also supporting the LGBT community by
giving employees who are apart of said community their own network to support
the inclusion and growth of those employees. The TD Bank Group also supports
women in the work place, according to the TD website, “Through TD’s Women in
Leadership network, comprised of more than 5,000 women across Canada and the
U.S., we are driving development by connecting, encouraging and mentoring each
other.” (TD). This is proof of TD’s support of women in the workplace,
ultimately showing that there is a movement towards supporting women across all
organization across Canada, and the world.

The truth is that there isn’t only one model
that should be followed, but according to Harvard Business Review, there are some
fundamental values that all managers must implement to truly have inclusive
work environment. The first principle states hiring personal must hire based on
the job candidates’ aptitude in the field rather than what his résumé might
have written. Sydney Finkelstein explains “It’s not about lowering your
standards; it’s about realizing that many standards, like prestigious but
unpaid internships, are markers of privilege, not innate talent.” (Finkelstein).
 This quote further explains the impact
that hiring for talent rather than purely what is written on the résumé, and
why what is on the résumé can’t always be assumed to be the only bases to hire
on. The second thing to do is to “Unleash everyone’s creativity” (Finkelstein).
By doing this, managers are asking employees of all level and positions, no
matter what background they may have, to display the talents that you initially
hired them for. This improves the overall workforce and the output
organizations will receive from all employees equally. On another standard is
to use opportunity as the primary development tool within the workplace. Conventionally,
many managers put limits on the tasks their employees can engage in, like age
and gender, but inclusive managers allow these opportunities to be accessed any
of their staff, believing in their competence no matter their differences. The last
significant principle to making a truly diverse and inclusive workplace is to encourage
collaboration and friendly competition. The combination of these two things in
the work place can inspire workers of all circumstances to do their best work.
Finkelstein writes, “By being both intensive and nurturing, this kind of culture
helps sustain an insider mentality on the team. Employees come to think of
themselves as a “band of brothers and sisters” united against the world.” (Finkelstein).
This quote simply explains how the competition and collaboration can work
together to bring a diverse group of employees together. Ultimately, if an
organization can implement all four of these principals within the workplace
they can achieve a much more inclusive work environment for all employees.

In conclusion, many organization have approached
creating diversity in similar ways and all have their own unique way of solving
the issue. When these organizations can adopt the core principles to diversity
in the workplace, they are able to create more opportunities for the company as
well as the employees of the company. When employers are focused on the talent
of the individual rather than the heritage, sexual preference, or other
unrelated aspects of an employee’s personal life, they greatly increase the quality
of the workforce for their organization. This is why having more diversity
within organizations is essential to any organization in the 21st century. 


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