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There are ways of expressing events that have happened in history. One remarkable event that’s important in history is World War II. A film, known as, “Dunkirk” shows a particular event that occurred in WWII. The film starts off the first period of time, “The Mole (One Week),” and begins with six soldiers of the British division walking through the desperate streets of Dunkirk. They’re rescued later by French forces as sneaky German forces killed all the soldiers except Tommy. As he gets behind the sandbags, heading toward the beach, he sees thousands of soldiers bordering the beaches. A few seconds later, he also sees dead soldiers lying on the sand. When he has to go to the bathroom, he spots a soldier burying another soldier. Gibson, sees that Tommy’s looking, so Tommy helps bury the soldier. A few moments later, German bomber planes release bombs on the soldiers. Fortunately, it misses Tommy. Later on, Tommy and Gibson try to get on-board the medical ship, but are denied access. As a result, Tommy joins Gibson in hiding out by the mole. However, the medical ship they were attempting to get on-board, is bombed. A specific soldier jumps off the ship, and they save him, he’s later introduced as Alex in the film. The soldiers gather on another medical ship, but Gibson stays on-deck while the others eat and drink tea in the lower deck. He was uncomfortable because he had a bad feeling that something was coming. In fact, minutes later, the ship is struck by a torpedo. Men struggle as they try to escape, but Gibson luckily saves Tommy and Alex. They go back to the shore with a small boat. On the shore, they go along with other Scottish soldiers planning on commandeering a ship. After they commandeered the ship, the surviving men hide out. Subsequently, they’re shot at by German forces practicing. As the ship leaks water in, Alex suggests Gibson should exit the ship to evenly distribute the weight. Alex says this because Gibson has not spoken yet; Alex suggests that he’s a German spy. But, German forces find out soldiers are hiding in there, and actually start shooting at the soldiers. As all the soldiers escaped, Gibson got stuck, and drowned. Correspondingly, “The Sea (One Day),” focuses on rescuing soldiers stranded at Dunkirk by commandeering mariners’ private boats. However, one mariner, Mr. Dawson, and his teenage son Peter, willingly wants to go rescue soldiers. The family’s helper, George, begs to go as he says he will be of good use to them. Along their journey, they find a war-struck soldier struggling to breathe, lying in the water. When he’s rescued, he will not talk. As they try to comfort the soldier, they tried to hide the fact that they’re heading to Dunkirk. When the soldier’s momentarily aware of this, he fights with Mr. Dawson over the steering wheel. Due to this, George’s pushed down the stairs, and later dies. By the same token, “The Air (One Hour),” views on a squadron of fighter pilots dedicated to provide air support for the men stranded at Dunkirk, and to provide protection. Their journey begins when the squadron leader, pilots Collins and Farrier spot German fighter planes, and execute them. But, as the squadron leader’s shot down. Not to mention, Farrier’s fuel gauge broke, and keeps his fuel level in mind. Following the event, Collins’ plane is shot down. In the water, he’s struggling to escape as the plane’s cockpit jammed. Coincidentally, Mr. Dawson rescues Collins. When they bring him aboard, it leads to a conversation of where Mr. Dawson had his training. Peter intervenes and notes that his older brother was a fighter pilot who died in the early weeks of the war. Equally important, this is where all land, sea, and air forces come together. A minesweeper is blown when it’s apprehended by soldiers, and a German bomber plane bombs it. Resulting, the war fills with oil, and is then ignited. Soldiers are blown to pieces and on fire. Farrier, then, comprehends the extent of the situation, and takes down the plane. Again, Mr. Dawson happened to be at the horrendous scene, and pulled men on-board. Luckily, Tommy and Alex were rescued by him. As the vessel fills with soldiers, Alex mentions to Peter that George has died. Coincidentally, the squadron leader asks about the well-being of George. Peter lies to save the soldier (emotionally). Aside from the situation on Mr. Dawson’s vessel, a German bomber flies over the mole, and attempts to bomb it. It’s saved by Farrier. Farrier then lands the plane and ignites it. Minutes later, German forces are seen securing him. This battle at Dunkirk was an overall success. Over 338,000 soldiers were rescued. Back home, heading to England, British soldiers are trained home. Alex, disappointed and worried, says people will see them as a disgrace to their country. However, an aged man hands the two men alcohol; Alex was wrong. Adding on, I personally did not enjoy the film because it was not in chronological order. Thus, it did confuse me at times as to why some things were happening. Having a movie portrayed in chronological order lets the viewers know what’s happening in the film, and understand it to a certain extent. So, it would make more sense the actual event occurred that way. Films should be comprehended to people by the end of it, and I still do not know why it was placed in that order in the film. Next, another thing I personally disliked in the film’s that they made a scene using Gibson based upon the assumption that he was a German spy. It’s just trying to add more to the film when it does not need to based on from where I view it. It made him look like the bad guy when he played a big role in saving the soldiers lives. So, when he was forced to talk to see if he had an accent, he was their own. So, the producers used him as the only choice for the boat not to sink. They could’ve made up some other choice. Also, one thing I did not like about the film’s that they had to use a famous British celebrity to get more people to watch it. The film industry should let more actors get a chance at having huge roles in movies. In my opinion, it shows that the film industry’s corrupt. There should be no reason why you need famous celebrities to get the film more attention; the battle already was a remarkable event. So, there would be no reason why you need a famous celebrity. But, one thing I understood behind their film’s that there were young soldiers who all looked the same. What I mean by that is they had the same haircut, uniforms, and looked about the same age. That played a big role in their forces. The soldiers were mostly young. Lastly, one scene I did not like from the film is that at the start of the film, six British soldiers were found at the streets of Dunkirk. It confused me as to why they get there in the first place, and the film did not provide a little summary of what happened prior to Dunkirk. It would the viewers keep along with the film, and have some background information. That’s one thing I think they missed hugely. A film should not focus just on the battle, it would make it too confusing. So, there were more negative things about the film, then good. If I were to rate this film out of ten, I would rate it seven out of ten. Even though the film emphasized the battle, there were some mistakes that were made. There was the presence, and after, but there was no before in the film. Furthermore, the film has some historical inaccuracies that were spotted. First, historical inaccuracy seen in the film is that when soldiers were evacuating the beach, it was not 338,000 soldiers. The film did not hold up its bargain by showing how many soldiers truly were there. It was explained in the film, but it was never shown. It was probably because they could not get thousands of actors, but what they could do was pull off a CGI effect. But, that was only if the director wanted to exaggerate how many soldiers were at the beach. Another thing that the film did not portray was there were no soldiers smoking. As you might’ve guessed, many soldiers in WWI smoked cigarettes when they were bored, or for their own satisfaction. So, it would make sense to have soldiers smoking at Dunkirk. Well, the film only showed soldiers drinking tea when really soldiers smoked cigarettes when they had nothing to do or other reasons. It would represent a habit that soldiers would do, which could play an important role in the film. Reasoning it was not in the film because maybe they do not support smoking, and did not want to show soldiers smoking as a thing they did at Dunkirk. Another mistake found in the film that was caught is that when ships were hit, they sank way too quickly than how long they actually sink. As seen in the film, when they were hit by the torpedo, it took about three minutes for the ship to sink, but when it takes double or triple the time for it to sink. It would be common sense because based on the weight of the ship, it would take way longer than the movie anticipated it would sink. A reason of why they would that is because they wanted to have more time on another scene, or focus on another thing in that scene far more important than the ship sinking that would lead to the following event. It could be summarized that the director did not want to spend so much time on one thing, and so he had to limit the number of minutes a scene took because he wanted to use it for another scene. But, it could be the reason that he was in a rush to create the movie, and did not take as much time on it, and thus leading to making simple mistakes. Lastly, another thing that could explain why mistakes were made in the film’s that they were on a budget. What it means is that they could not have spent so much money on one thing that people would not really realize unless they were decoding every scene. So, they needed to stay on the limit, and not to go over it. It could be the common reason why so many films create mistakes. But, the movie’s goal was to portray the actual battle, rather than the little details that can be easily missed.


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