There special operations unit and at least a dozen

are four main fundamental attacks which were regarded as the most disastrous.
The first one situated in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, which strategically conducted
the bombings of the US embassy. 301 people were killed, and more than 5000
people were injured in this incident1.  The second one is the deadliest attack in US
history and for sure worldwide, the heartbreaking twin towers attack 3,000
people were killed in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New
York and on the Pentagon in Washington on September 11, 20012.
The third one was an indirect attack programmed and induced by Al-Qaeda
situated on a nightclub in Bali, Indonesia, killing approximately 180 people
and finally the bombings of four packed trains in 2004, in Madrid which killed
190 people and injured more than 1400 people3.
The Al-Qaeda terrorist group has been active since 1998, however since the
collapse of their leader Osama Bin Laden in 2011 they have had a colossal fall due
to the fact that the war on terror commence with the USA In the first 100 days of the war,
President George W. Bush increased America’s homeland security and built a
worldwide coalition that, started to destroy al-Qaeda’s grip on Afghanistan by
driving the Taliban from power. Secondly, disrupted al-Qaeda’s global
operations and terrorist financing networks and destroying al-Qaeda terrorist
training camps. Thirdly, Helped the innocent people of Afghanistan recover from
the Taliban’s reign of terror and lastly helped Afghans put aside long-standing
differences to form a new interim government that represents all Afghans –
including women. It has been crucial to highlight the fact that the presence of
Bin Laden was an omnipresent sense of security, yet since 2001, Al-Qaeda has
lost four heads of the military committee, four chiefs of the special
operations unit and at least a dozen of the senior regional field commanders


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