There operators. It is important for the operators to

There is a strong need for infrastructure investments to
be better coordinated with the requirements of logistics operators.  It is important for the operators to be
involved in public infrastructure investment planning to ensure the efficient
use of their resources and capacity.  But
many infrastructure owners and operators do not have a global view or easy
access to global best practices.  On the
other hand, construction companies are becoming increasingly international,
enabling the transfer of technology and working practices.  But the industry would benefit if operators,
who understand the markets, had a more influential role here.

The private sector, along with lower lead times, brings a commercial
and profit-making approach to infrastructure development.  With a joint venture with public sector, it is
relatively easier to develop and implement solutions and services to the
industry.  The healthy competition encourages
firms to innovate, provide quality service at a low cost and at low lead times,
and be responsive to customers’ needs.  It
allows fresh capital to be injected into rail industry.  At times, the public sector simply does not
possess the necessary resources.  Reliance
on private capital is thus the only way to complete necessary renovations,
upgrades, and maintenance that result in safer, faster, and more efficient

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In the rail sector, there are also cases in which rolling
stock investments were not coordinated with infrastructure.  However, there are also examples of public-private
partnership (PPP).  Intercity Express
Program in the UK is being handled as a PPP of up to 35 years at a value of
£5.8 billion.  It involves the
procurement of 700 seat high-speed trains specified to run on existing tracks
(and subject to a coordinated program of infrastructure improvements) as an
alternative to the approach, instead of building new high-speed dedicated lines
(though these are also planned in the UK). 


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