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There is an abundant amount of social problems in society today, by far abortion is the number one issue of them all. “The termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of an embryo or fetus” (Merriam-Webster 2017). If life doesn’t exist in the world, than what are people here for? Why would people want to kill society’s future? People all around the world are terminating helpless, small, babies who have done nothing to anybody, but could have become the future of the world. Taking away a kids future before they can even receive it is unjust. The citizens of the U.S. are taking away potential in this world by disrespecting the unborn. There are many logical reasons why taking any human’s life away is not morally correct. The U.S abortion rate is increasing more and more every year and we need to put an end to it. Kids need to be taught sex education and how to use protection, if society can help eliminate most of teen pregnancies that’s a good start on the way to lowering abortion rates. Over “1.1 million U.S abortions happen every year” (Students For Life 2017). All of these babies died before they even had a chance to see what the world could have offered them. These children never had  a chance to become an adult and change  the world, and they will never get that chance because they are gone forever. Abortion is no other than “Murder.” The definition of “Murder” “is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another” ( 2017). During an abortion an innocent child is being killed. Even though it’s a fetus or an embryo it’s still a human being and during an abortion one human being kills another human being so abortion can be described as murder. Innocent children should not be taken out of this world, because the fetus has one goal and that is to be born and brought into this world. This goal gets demolished when the mother makes that appointment to have her baby killed. “Upon fertilization, a human individual is created with a unique genetic identity… This individual has a fundamental right to life, which must be protected” ( 2017). How can citizens sit back and let these innocent children get there life, and rights promised by the government be taken away in a blink of an eye? Before these babies are brought into this world no one knows what they have to bring. What if one of these babies that have been aborted could have had a world changing invention that could have limited pollution, littering, or sickness in this world. Children are all born not the same and all have something different that is unique about them, just think one of these babies could be saving millions of lives or saving other babies from abortion when they grow up. Humans have so much potential in their lives, and if mothers saved those 1.1 million aborted babies every year just in the U.S alone those are kids who could possibly help the healthcare system, increase technology, or even join the country’s armed forces. By killing these babies how will society ever know what those children could have contributed to this world. The number one reason a woman has an abortion is “Having a baby would dramatically change my life” ( 2017). Well if you’re going to give a reason like that for not having a baby what were you thinking when you decided to have intercourse with your partner? Actions come with consequences and if you can have sex, but you’re too worried that a child will “change your life” then you shouldn’t be having sex. One of the best opposing arguments that people always throw in is “What if the girl was raped?” Well, “Was a victim of rape” ( 2017), actually ranked one of the lowest on this chart coming in at 30 out of 31. Some people do unfortunately have that happen to them but this doesn’t mean you have to kill your baby because of this. There is many different types of support people can get from society today and if that doesn’t work out for the guardian of the child there is still foster care, so there is always a way your child can be safe.With all the given reasons out there, there still should be no reason any abortion should have to be carried out. No matter the circumstances, any person out there should have a right to life. A pregnancy is not a disease or sickness; it is the beginning of a new life for those who are having a kid! A mother should be in love with her child no matter what happens to her or the baby. “According to the laws in the majority of countries where abortion is legal, the father’s consent to an abortion is not needed” (Walters 2017, 55). This means that if a boyfriend gets his girlfriend pregnant and she wants to have an abortion, but the guy wants to take it upon himself to raise the kid, the boyfriend still has no say if the girlfriend is determined to proceed with an abortion. “Some women feel that the pregnancy and abortion only affect their body and that they alone should make the choice” (Walters 2017, 55). This put in rule that it’s the mom’s choice because it affects their body, but being pregnant just doesn’t affect the mom, it puts stress on both the male and the female. If a woman decides to put forth with an abortion, but the male disagrees, this can dramatically affect the male too because he has to live with “I could do nothing to save my baby.” Women cannot say that making abortion illegal could violate their rights as a human being. Why should only the mother have the power to decide if the child should be brought into this world or not? The baby cannot help that the mother had made poor choices in her past, so why should the baby’s life be taken away just because of its mother’s actions in life? With the laws set for abortion in some countries it completely excludes the male from his input, this isn’t fair because having a child affects both the male and the female. On a chart of 15 reasons why women choose to have an abortion, “Can’t afford a baby right now” came in second out of the fifteen reasons (, 2017). This is right behind “having a baby would change me life”, which came in at number one on the chart. These top two reasons on why women choose to have abortions can easily be countered with fundraisers, child support, family support, and basic medical help. Our federal state has a system called Medicaid. This program supplies those who have low income jobs or those suffering in poverty with basic health, and long term health care coverage. “Medicaid coverage is critical to the health care of millions of women… more than 16 million women recieve basic health and long term health care through Medicaid (, 2017). These top two reasons are just easy excuses for women to abort an innocent child. With Medicaid and all of these other forms of public help for those struggling, why are the abortion rates going up? Society needs to realize there’s plenty of forms of help out there and need to realize that taking away a baby’s life is morally wrong.”Every year, almost one million teenage women become pregnant…  54 percent of these teens give birth” (Durrett 2000, 51, 52). As stated earlier 1.1 million U.S. abortions happen per year. Teens are getting pregnant and there is about a 50 percent chance they will have the kid. This statistic is world wide for the teenage girls getting pregnant, so if you do the math that is about 500,000 abortions per year for teenage women, this is about half of the U.S. abortions that happen per year. That’s abundant amount of babies being aborted just from teenagers in society. If we can increase the sex education we offer in schooling the abortion rate should go down because less teenagers will be getting pregnant because they will know how to have safe sex. Schools always preach abstinence, but if you give a kid a chocolate bar and tell him not to eat it, the child is still gonna eat it because it tastes good. This is the same with teenagers and sex, teachers and parents tell them just to stay away from sex, but they still do it and then they have a baby because they weren’t taught proper protection, and only preached abstinence in school. Comprehensive sex education is the best way to teach students in schools because it informs them on how sexual activity works, and it teaches them proper protections methods such as birth control. With that being said if teenagers are being taught how to have safe sex and have to carry around fake baby for a while to show them what having a child is like, this will at least teach teens when having sexual intercouse to use proper protection methods in order to refrain from that chance on getting the girl pregnant. If schools start teaching more comprehensive sex education abortion rates will start to drop and people will start realising education can help slow the rates of abortion.Abortion is completely wrong and unnecessary, there should be no reason any child’s life should be taken from them no matter the circumstances of the mother or the father. This social issue is only an increasing epidemic that society needs to put an end to before it gets out of control. As you can see people are afraid of their lives changing to much so they quickly run to killing an innocent child. People shouldn’t be afraid of change, because change isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you are bringing new life to this world. There is also tons of support methods that society can offer to those in need. Once conceived that child has the right to life that should not be taken away because their mother is afraid of some “change in her life.” Today’s society should not be afraid of a pregnancy as it is not a disease that will spread amongst anyone. Aborting any child is not morally correct as it invades the child’s rights which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which our government grants the people of the United States in the Declaration of Independence. Lastly, if life doesn’t exist in this world, than what are people here for?


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