The Web comprises of a large number of PCs

The Web comprises of a large number of PCs on a huge number of systems, with the millions of people searching the internet or accessing information thru a device connected to a network, the information administrated on a daily basis is so large is unthinkable in numbers if we want to give it a number, is the most complex data network created by human kind is the most complex data traffic available to the humanity, understanding how all this communication is sent it and received is understand a little bit about the complexity of communications under the stack.All the guidelines used for communication or trading data are standards know as protocols, these protocols are rules for communication between people and set by the people as a way to ensure proper communication between each other.Communication over the stack is the set of steps and/or process how communication is transmitted on the internet thru the network these step for the stack and each level respond to specific data request sending the information to the next level and so on or protocols implemented in seven layers in a networking framework. Understand the IOS model is learn the simplicity of abstracting functionality and the uniqueness of his creation, communication over the stack is an example of what I should call the process of receiving and delivering communication, where every layer of the protocol stack perform a unique task in the process of transmitting a message on the complicated traffic of the network.The versatility of the layers provide a variety of mixes and multiple uses as the stack is very flexible to accommodate every use possible. The physical layer or layer one refers to the hardware or the physical components capable to respond at electrical impulses in order to send the information to level two, that includes internet cables, phone lines etc.Data link or layer 2 is the encoding messages transmitted from layer one and decoded in to bits and/or electrical signals.Network layer of layer 3 is the route or the way the bits take to the proper destination of the message.Transport layer or layer 4 is the data transport between end systems to the next layer.Session layer or layer 5 is the last step in the transmittal of the message, when the session ends up the message has been received.Presentation layer or layer 6 is the decryption of information displayed for the viewer to see.Application layer or layer 7 is the quality of the service, including file transfers. Conclusion, communication over the stack is a group of communication data and applied technologies that securities industries acquire to execute, analyze and improve their marketing activities and the collection of data for business and technological data research, all with the purpose of diagnose and prevent future issues related to machine failure. This includes all technologies that corporations use for research, marketing, work and technology improvement and every available teams use, from marketing automation to data enrichment and analytics.”Citations1.- Strauss,C.(2003) Practical Electrical Network Automation and Communication Systems. Retrieved 01/26/2018 from:https://online. /#/books/9780750658010/cfi/61!/4/[email protected]:0.002.- N.A.(2018).Networking Basics.Retrieved 01/27/1018 from: N.A.(2010).Oracle Database Net Services Administrator’s Guide.Retrieved 01/18/2018 from: Ozsu,M.T.Valduriez,P.(2011).Principles of Distributed Database Systems.Retrieved 01/28/2018 from:  


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