The was crowned. Since King Edward wanted to marry

The King’s Speech movie
directed by Tom Hooper and written by David Seidler. It is a historical drama
film which was released on 2010. This is a story of King George IV (Colin
Firth) who have stammering difficulty since birth. So his wife Queen Elizabeth
(Helena Bonham Carter) refer to Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), a speech
therapist. They went through speech and breathing exercise while also trying to
discover the psychological implication of the disability. After his father
(Michael Gambon) King George V’s death, King Edward VII (Guy Pearce) was
crowned. Since King Edward wanted to marry a twice-divorced American woman,
Wallis Simpson (Eve Best), so the responsibilities were given to King George
IV. At a critical period, he has to declare on radio about declaration of war
against German. Will he able to give the speech and trust in his people?

The movie’s setting was
based on the world of royalty of Britain. Most of the scenes were in the grand
royal residence and consulting room of speech therapist. This movie brought us
to the zone of 1930’s. The costumes of characters were rich and royal.

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The central conflict of
the movie was the king’s speech disability. Another conflict was his brother
King Edward who went against the royal rules to marry his loved ones. Then the
king has to protect his people from the war against German.

The director had brought
us to 1930’s. Each and every scene of the movie is very realistic and
authentic. He has done lots of hard work in making us involve in the flow of
the story. We can feel the emotions of the characters. His directing is
systematic as I could not find any clumsy shots. He explains the relationship
between father and daughter when the day King George VI was crowned and visited
his daughter in royal costume, even though the daughters bowed and respected
him, still he leans down to kiss and hug his daughters with full of love. This
shows that whatever position you’re at, the father and daughter relationship
never breaks.

So for all the actors,
they have played their roles very well. Most importantly, Colin Forth who
played King George IV’s role is an excellent actor. He continuously showed the
nervousness and unsatisfied expression due to the character’s disability. For
example when he was declaring the war with full confidence while overcoming his
fear. Another scene, during the rehearsal for coronation ceremony in
Westminster Abbey, George Rush acted very well in making the king realize his

The cinematography was
excellent. Most of the scenes has close camera work which provide big
portraits. The sets were designed realistically. For instance, the consulting
room which has ripped up wallpapers which created a rough and warm background
with natural lights. The background exactly portrays King George’s mental
condition. It appropriates the scene.  

Next, the sceneries were
very pleasant. Especially the Regent’s Park scene where the king and his
therapist were walking while arguing. That scene’s background was full of smog
and low light which brought a cold and windy environment. Even though it takes
a lot of time and hard work to create such a scene still the movie team made
this possible and made the scenery look good.

The soundtrack were
matching with the intention of the scenes. As an example, the scene in the
recording room, where the king gave the war declaration speech. At beginning of
the speech the instrumental sound was intense then the ending part has the
smooth and gentle tune.

The strength of the movie
is that it has created public awareness about stammering. It also explains that
someone’s physical difficulty effects their emotional health and relationship.
This movie also taught us to build a high confident level in us to overcome our
disabilities. Everyone have disabilities in different prospects such as
physically, mentally, emotionally, visually or learning aspects. We should be
brave and face the challenges in daily life while trying to overcome our
disability day by day without giving up the courage in us.

In a nutshell, overall
the movie was very inspiring to the people with physical disability. It makes
us to respect the emotions of people with physical difficulty. The movie was
interesting and meaningful. The movie shows the culture, attitude and dressing
style of people in 1930’s. I would recommend this movie to my friend and family
because everyone should respect and help to overcome someone’s disability. We
should not tease or look low towards their disability, even if we didn’t help them
at least don’t hurt their feelings. People with disability also have
self-respect and emotions as we have. Hope to watch more good movies from this


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