The was a name for a notorious group of

 The Black
Lives Matter group or BLM is a social activist group movement that came about
in 2013 after the acquittal of a white police officer for killing a young black
teen. Many people then began to fight towards equality for African Americans.
Through this their popularity in society increases more and more around the
world, more people are beginning to create their own controversial opinions
about the actions of the group. Freedom Daily News, an American based news
platform started posting their personal views of the group’s efforts on social
media which stirred controversy because of the terminology they used to
exemplify their beliefs of the African American community. In the Facebook
post, which will be analyzed in this paper, Freedom Daily News fallaciously
represents African Americans using Generalization, Biased Language, and
Repetition of biases through allusions. 

Once you look at the post you can immediately see
the generalizations made about African Americans through the platforms use of
synecdoches or the generalization of a group or groups by certain adjectives or
terms. In the post terms such as “Thug” and “mob” are used in lines
1-2 (Freedom Daily,2017) to refer to BLM but also the African American people
in which make up the group. These words generalize blacks because in the 14th
century the word thug was a name for a notorious group of robbers and killers.
So, by using this word the author is comparing a group of killers and robbers
to the African American community. Similarly, the word mob in the 17th
century was used to identify a group of criminals. Hasty generalizations like
this one made early in the text suggest that the author has a bias and wants to
have blacks poorly represented because of their viewpoint on the situation.
Which is supported by the synecdoche’s used throughout the text. It also
suggests there be more generalizations and biased language to be made further
in the text. 

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Similarly, Throughout the text, the platform uses
a lot of bias language to emphasize their position on the situation. In the text,
the platform states “Share if your angry as hell and are not going to take
it anymore” (Freedom Daily, 2017). 
The verbs and adjectives used in the sentence show the authors true
distaste for the situation. Also, when the author says, “We should start
“protesting” every time there is an instance of black on white violence”
(Freedom Daily,2017). Indicating that the platform feels like the protesting
that the BLM group is doing is repetitive and without reason. The platform went
on to show a picture (appendix 1) of which is shown a Caucasian man on fire
which is not the topic in which the initial text was about, captioned by the
words “2 white men set on fire with gasoline by blacks” (Freedom Daily, 2017).
The platform using the word blacks categorizes all African Americans by which
could mean again that the platform wanted to represent all blacks as capable of
doing such harsh activities which is untrue. Through the usage of allusion, it
is clear how the African American community was badly represented. 

through an allusion made to another incident read in an article named “Two
White Teens Brutally Attacked by BLM” by Daily News and CBS. In this
article, two teens were supposedly attacked by BLM protesters. In which the
article explains how two females were beaten brutally and left with bruises.
But in the initial, text the platform refers to the BLM protesters who attacked
the women as a mob of thugs. By reading this article, the platform convinced
themselves that all blacks are or act in this way. That there are thugs, and
killers and continued to think as said before that all blacks are equivalent to
some BLM protesters making wrong decisions. There have been multiple articles
written like this one in which freedom daily tries to represent the black
community as a whole by things that they have seen or heard. In the text
freedom daily alludes to this text to show another example of black on white
crime. But instead, the author alludes to a more rooted assurance of their
juxtaposed balance between the African American community and the BLM
protesters causing harm. 

While the BLM movement has recently not been a
favorite topic on the news in most recent years, The lasting effects of generalizations
like this last a lifetime. Blaming the entire African American population for
the unjust actions of a few people is wrong. Because of the number of
complaints about situations like these, Freedom Daily News is now a flagged
site for caution of fake news. The number of followers on their social media
platforms since 2013 when BLM began their protests has decreased. All because
of a few articles with vast generalizations. Between the striking levels of
generalizations and bias made and through allusion to other texts to further
their prejudices, it is evident that their numbers of supporters will continue
to fall and so will the bad representations of blacks.










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Daily,” Facebook Post by Freedom daily, Facebook, 23 Apr. 2017,


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