The used to provide a connection to doctors working

healthcare sector substantially has developed over the years thanks to the convenience
brought by the current technologies advancements. Nevertheless, there are still
many difficulties that the industry has to deal with, especially when it comes
to accessibility, provision and convenience of services both for the patients
and the medical providers.

One of
the answers the medical profession and the health sector have brought up to deal
with these issues is telemedicine. What is telemedicine? It is the remote
diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. Besides
from bringing patients and medical providers together via various modes of
communication, telemedicine also supplies a way for health care professionals
to consult with other physicians.

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Earlier on, telemedicine was commonly used
to provide a connection to doctors working with a patient in one location to
specialists elsewhere. This was of great advantage to rural or hard to reach places
where specialists aren’t easily and readily accessible. Throughout the next
several decades, the equipment necessary to conduct remote visits remained
expensive and complex, so the use of the approach, while growing, was limited.

The increased use of the internet brought
with it significant changes for the telemedicine practices. The risen use of
smart devices into the global market, capable of high-quality video. More so, consequentially
the growth of today’s telemedicine is the rising mobile (smartphones) health field.
With the various mobile health applications, new mobile medical devices that
are user-friendly and patients are starting to use technology to observe and
track their health. Basic home-use medical devices that can take signs and
symptoms, and diagnose ear infections, monitor glucose levels, or measure blood
pressure, lets patients gather needed medical information for use by the doctor
to perform diagnosis, without booking a doctor’s appointment. And again, as
more patients get signup to using technology to help manage their health status,
they also will be more open to alternative ways to get attention – through


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