The use the simulators takes time. It calls for

The Value of Simulation Training

This is a development that involves replicating a particular organizational environment that is separate from the organizational set up. It is a well-known type of training adopted by the HRM among organizations. With the rapid change in fields of technology and how businesses are conducted, continuous effective training can be of much benefit to organizations. The effectiveness of the training program should bear results such as increased productivity by workers who have already undergone or still going through the training. The organization has goals and needs of its own. It would be seen, as much benefit if by adopting a certain training program would bring about these results while at the same time developing the employees in work performance. With organizations not only competing for market share but also employees, it would benefit an organization if it had a well set and functioning program at hand. This way, with the employees taking pride in what they do, the program would be efficient. A clear example of this is Google Company. With the proper training programs, they are able to keep loyal and loving employees.

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The Problems of Simulation Training

With its perks come its problems. In different cases, simulation is not usually able to re-create exactly what situation is being handled. This might lead to unreliable results. Simulators are expensive. Not only that but they also require constant maintenance and upgrades. The training on how to use the simulators takes time. It calls for the workers to learn how to first even before the training. A very big problem is that not all situations may be included such as in the case of combat training done through simulation training. The conditions might be, as those in war but real life threatening situations cannot be duplicated in some cases. The consequences of poor performance or lagging behind in training programs are not taken quite seriously as in a real situation. This might encourage poor results among workers.


Recommendations as to How Simulation Training can be Assessed

Standards can be put in place for Simulator-based training programs. This will assist in properly thought courses that actually become of much more benefit than time wastage. The training, at the end of the day, should be able to help the organization grow in different aspects. This is the end goal. With this in mind, a training program then must be assessed from the benefits and disadvantages it brings to the organization. If it brings more of disadvantages then it might be wise to terminate it. If it brings benefits like improved production and quality of employees, then it should 


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