The undertaken with our own pupils” (Kelly1989, p. 187).

The National Center on
Accessible Instructional Materials states that curriculum evaluation is a set
of measurement procedures that use direct observation and a recording of a
student’s performance in a specific curriculum to gather information. The information
is then used to make instructional decisions. School performance is constantly judged
on the basis of effective learning outcomes. School leaders are constantly evaluating
their curriculum to make sure they are meeting students’ needs. Evaluation of
the curriculum is ongoing and is the responsibility of the school leadership
team and all those who are involved in the process of writing the curriculum. Curriculum
evaluation is used not only to determine the attainment of the purposes but
also “to gauge the value and effectiveness of any particular piece of
educational activity – whether national project or any particular piece of work
undertaken with our own pupils” (Kelly1989, p. 187). Curriculum is an essential
component to all schools and all educational entities within the educational

     Curriculum evaluation allows teachers to enhance
their students’ learning, by providing content that is current, relevant and
appropriate to their needs. The primary purpose of the curriculum evaluation is
student learning and enhancement of the educational process. Kelly (1989, p. 23)
identifies two purposes for curriculum evaluation; to evaluate the effectiveness
of the curriculum and to evaluate for the accountability of schools and
teachers (within the context of a National Curriculum). The first purpose
serves to use the evaluation for improving teaching and learning
usually by the teacher. The second purpose serves to inform
various audiences, usually governing agencies, concerning the programs of the
school. Other legitimate purpose might be to allocate resources or
placement (Russel 1984, p. 246). Curriculum evaluation is the core to students’
learning and it holds school leaders accountable to student’s academic success.

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     Teachers play a primary role in the
curriculum evaluation process because they are the ones delivering the
instructional content. I would explain to my teachers the implications of assessment
data that goes beyond the scope of their own classroom. I would further explain
the importance of the curriculum evaluation processes and the role it plays to ensure
that teaching and learning in the content area is helping students achieve. I
would also elaborate on how curriculum evaluation is critical to achieving academic
goals for students and how it helps determine if the curriculum in place is providing
the educational tools for student success.

     Teachers will understand that curriculum
evaluations are needed to demonstrate the strengths of the curriculum, identify
aspects of the curriculum that should be reconsidered or revised to enhance
student learning, engagement, and satisfaction and ensure professional
accreditation standards are met. I would meet with teachers on an ongoing basis
to discuss data to determine if changes/or modifications to the curriculum need
to be made. Teachers will understand that evaluations of the curriculum are
necessary to ensure that the learning outcomes of delivered curriculum is successful.
Teachers will understand the purpose of evaluating the curriculum is to see if
students learned the objectives from the current curriculum and if methods of
teaching the curriculum has been effective. If students are not achieving the
goals set in the curriculum and professional expectations could be changing,
which in turn call for a change in the curriculum. I would further explain
to my teachers there is an ongoing need to evaluate the curriculum because evaluating
it will assist teachers in determining the extent to which their current
curriculum implementation have produced favorable outcomes for students. In
closing, to evaluate curriculum effectiveness teachers must identify the
curriculum needs first and then check its contents for accuracy,
comprehensiveness, depth, timeliness, depth and quality.



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