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The subjects of my case analysis are
Albert and Marion Mazur. They’ve been married for over 48 years. Marion was 89
years old at the time this documentary was made, Albert’s was a little younger
than his wife, and he was age 79 years old. Albert and Marion lived in a modest
home located in Canarsie in Brooklyn, New York. They lived one house away from
each for ten years before meeting. The meeting of the two became possible when
Albert put a sign in his window looking for a lyrist which was Marion
profession. She was looking for a musician to set her lyric to which was
Albert’s profession. The two were apparently destined to meet. Marion did have
children when she married Albert, he didn’t have any. He cared for and loved
her children as though they were his very own.

Albert and Marion Mazur are an elderly
couple that have witnessed many ups and down
during their 48 years of marriage. They evidently had what it took to stick it
out together. Albert has now become Marion’s care giving, she had been
diagnosed with Dementia. This is a disease that brings about a decline in one’s
memory and thinking. As it grows and develops it interferes and affects the
capacity to normal every day actions. This hasn’t seem to put a damper on
Albert’s love for Marion at all. He’s well aware of what Dementia does to a person
but he loves

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her and she loves him. He feels that as the years progress
your love for someone grows stronger


no matter what happens. 
While showing film of past vacations they spent together, they spoke of
how happy they were together and always took care of each other for many years
with the hopes of more to come.

Albert spoke of the
songs that are written by today’s writers. He and Marion’s songs just wouldn’t fit
in with what they’re writing today. He and Marion wrote songs that pertained to
boy-girl love and the lyrics of today don’t have that. Some of the songs
written by them were: What If, I didn’t Mean to be Mean, It’s all in the way
the Cards Fall, One kiss ago, and every day is a holiday in Brooklyn, which was
adopted as the new Brooklyn theme song. Back in their time of composing songs,
trying to sell your songs wasn’t easy. Albert and Marion use to go from office
to office in hopes of making a sell.  They
were both thrilled to live to see one of their songs make it big.

Albert expresses and
shows how much he loves and cares for Marion at the end of their documentary
when he serves her dinner, and puts her to bed for the night. Once he turns off
the lights and begins to lay down beside her, he asks her for her hand to hold
on to while they sleep.

He and Marion truly has a lasting love that every couple
young or old dreams of.


Albert and Marion
shared a special love and compassion toward each other. He loved her through
their younger years and when she becomes ill with Dementia he still stuck by
her side and became her caregiver. The two didn’t view marriage as a
relationship that only lasted as long as the passion exited but far beyond
that. Between the two of them, ways were found to resolve any differences, and
problems that may have come up in their marriage. This is what happy and

lasting marriages are made of. Older adults past life styles
and attitude toward life plays a great

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factor in them living a happier life in their golden years,
this runs hand in hand with their present life. Albert and Marion had a pretty
good past together which they cherished deeply. They found ways to deal with
the symptoms of aging and disease through their love for each other.


though Albert and Marion were in the 70’s and 80’s they still possessed a deep
love for each other. This was shown when Albert tenderly kissed Marion’s face
and lips and the way he would look at her with loving eyes. At the end of
documentary Marion tells Albert that’s it’s

been nice loving him. This elderly couple has had their
difference the same as any other couple. But as Marion stated, when the fight
is over, you start from there. They didn’t hold on to old baggage, they let it
go, this was part of the secret to a long and successful happy marriage. In an
older relationship wining an argument doesn’t mean that your powerfulness has
won the argument. There is power in discussing your problems openly and
honestly. Albert and Marion knew how to argue with understanding and respect. This
makes all the difference in the world. 


and Marion appeared to share an Assertive Communications style. They always
spoke to each other calmly with kindness. 
Even though there were times when Marion couldn’t remember what he spoke
of, voices were never raised nor did demeaning insults of any kind arose. He
was always patient with his wife. Communication is a two way street, he would
always listen to what she had to say. They would sing and laugh together, he
never interrupted when she was speaking. They like all couples didn’t agree all
the time, they had differences in opinions but one always allowed the other to
speak. There was always respect delivered for each other. They

appeared to always hear what the other one was saying and
seems to feed off each other’s words.

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Good communication is the key to any good marriage. It has to
be give and take on both sides. To tilt the scales of balance will never work.
This elderly couple’s has given the perfect example of what real marriages are
made of.  There is so much more to marriage
than just the physical aspect.        

and Strengths:

Albert and Marion’s relationship he has to deal with the psychological stress
of losing his beloved Marion on day. He knows what the outcome of Dementia will
bring and for him this is very stressful. Not even the elderly likes to live
with the thought of losing their life partner. Albert does his best to
encourage Marion when she becomes stressed when not being able to remember
certain events and things that are mentioned by her husband. He knows that as
time goes by the disease worsens so he tries to make the best of the time they
have left together. Albert has developed an inner strength that keeps him
afloat, he knows that he has to be strong for his wife as well as himself.
Although he doesn’t want to deal with it, he is constantly in the process of
dealing with the fact of losing Marion one day. 
Albert has found a way to cope with what lies ahead, he gains strength
though his music and caring for his wife. They have had a good life and many
sweet memorable memories down through the years of their lives together.  

            Albert and
Marion have proven and shown that a lasting love for someone can exist.  Through their lives they demonstrated what it
entails to have such as relationship with someone. Sadly, Marion passed away in
the year 2011 leaving behind her beloved Albert. He made the best of the time
they had together and I’m quite sure he had no regrets. To grow old together is
a blessing in itself but to still be in love with your life long partner that
many years is over the top! 



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