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The significance of this book rests on its perennial authority on the subject of war and its subtle ways of presenting elements of successful warfares. Personally, however, this books’s merit surpasses the aforementioned, it is thus the tripartite discussions on communication flow, leadership and motivation in soldiery that appeals to me the most. Ake communication flow system for example, the book illuminates my understanding on the importance of communication flow and how integral an ingredient it is to any war or battle. Leadership, as highlighted in this book, also helped me possess a clearer picture of how military leadership and living as an art affects and effects war ventures in particular and living life in general. It gives the picture of how soldiers would succeed or fail due to the quality of leadership provided them, hence, the need to aspire to a better follower and thus a good leader is an advantage the book afforded me. The last of the three main reasons I find the book significant borders on its treatment of values as the cornerstone of motivation. Motivation also goes along way in influencing an individual’s perceptions as well as the attitude of a group of followers, in this case, members of the armed forces. By keeping the solders highly motivated, a leader would thus channel such motivation to the core basis for the fight and determination that he has and which in the end forms the root for bringing success to the whole mission. The author further asserts that in order to appreciate the values found in a true leader,one needs to knowhow the same are communicated in the form of motivation to the… of the clan and more importantly how the same forms the ultimate basis between success and defeat in the very end. I personally can understand attribute this to myself as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine CorpsCommandant’s Reason for Putting the Book “Battle Leadership” on the Reading ListThe making of effective leaders demand as an ingredient the abiity to discern, assess and maximize values towards motivation in military engagements. Hence, it is opined that the commandant’s reason for incuding the book “Batte Leadership” on the reading list is to, amongst other, help leaders-in-training in military capacities to comprehend the importance of values and how core values can be targeted as source of motivation and backbone for successful military engagements in warfare. To understand leadership better its synonymousness” with management was highlighted in the book. While management is not necessarily a product of experience, the same can not be said of leadership, especially leadership capable of leading successful battle or war campaigns. Management is thus a position of authority and as such a function of genuine leadership, be it in rhbe armed forces or otherwise. The commandant must have wanted one to learn the respect worthy of one’s leaders since it has being expressed as lucid as possibe in the bookm that their rise to the position of leadership is in fact a result of their outstanding performances and rich experience which their are lacking. The commandant perhaps, wanted to illuminate military personnels on the strategic important of communication flow and command chain hence, the book’s detailed treatment of communication flow as an integral part of a successful war campaign. The author is of the view that leadership entails having the ability to give guidance to those that will follow. Such that the followers see someone to aspire to in the leader and thus strengthens the command chain as well as in extension – the communication flow. The commandant’s reasons for including this book on the reading list may be for us to discover the inherent relationship amongst good communication flow, strong command chain, right leadership and successful warfare.


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