The this depends on how people use technology. For

The Internet and social media
should have its boundaries. The effects can be bad or good and this depends on
how people use technology. For instance, the use of social media should
strengthen social ties and improve the growth of businesses and the economy at
large. People should enjoy the benefits and avoid the problems, which are
associated with them because choices have consequences. Individuals should be
genuine on what they post online. They should not expose their private
information online and by doing that, it will reduce cyber bullying. The other
recommendation is to motivate people to be connected professionally through
Linkedin and other sites, which add value to their human life. Humans should
also limit the time used on the social media to avoid waste of resources,
distractions, procrastination, and addiction. People should not text or talk
while driving. By doing that, it will reduce the distractions, which might lead
to accidents and even death.


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