“The they weretaking action towards unjust laws that caused

“The highest mode of corruption is the abuse of power.” – Auliq Ice. This quote byAuliq Ice is explaining that the corruption that is within the authority is the abuseof power. Gandhi and King are justified for breaking the law because they weretaking action towards unjust laws that caused the mistreatment by the authority.Gandhi’s nonviolent actions toward the unjust laws justified his breaking ofthe law. According to the letter Gandhi says “For my ambition is no less than toconvert the British people through non-violence and thus make them see thewrong they have done to India”. This piece of evidence shows how Gandhi tookaction by converting the british through non violence to fight against themistreatment that “Englishmen” did to India. Another pivotal point that lends itselfto this notion is explained by the letter when Gandhi says “And the conviction isgrowing deeper and deeper in me that nothing but unadulterated non-violencecan check the organised violence of the British Government”. This shows howGandhi believes that non violent acts will the injustice by the British GovernmentKing also is justified in breaking the law because his actions were directedtoward changing unjust laws. King shows this by explaining…”An unjust law is acode that a numerical or power majority group compels a minority group to obeybut does not make binding on itself”. He says this to explain how the authority haslaws that only apply to one group of minority, which then results in themistreatment towards the other minority which that law wasn’t enforced upon.Thus he had to take actions to resolve this problem and he thought breaking thelaw was the solution. An essential point that also supports this idea is When Kingstates “Negroes have experienced grossly unjust treatment in the courts. Therehave been more unsolved bombings of Negro homes and churches in Birminghamthan in any other city in the nation.” King noticed that there was a domino effectwhen it came to laws and the court system. Which was since the laws were unjustthere was a unjust treatment in the courts which overall was mistreatment of theauthority towards the Negro people.Some might say that King and Gandhi use of violence was unwise anduntimely King says ” I came across your recent statement calling my presentactivities “unwise and untimely.” The clergymen uses this to tell us his actions wereunwise and untimely because at that moment in birmingham, there was already agreat amount of violence already in birmingham. And just to add onto the violencethat was already happening was unwise and untimely. However, my point stillstands because Gandhi and King were acting upon unjust laws and themistreatment by the authority. King says “But more basically, I am in Birminghambecause injustice is here.” King would not stand by if there is something unjustgoing on just miles away from him. So he uses non violence to take action towardthe mistreatment by the authority.Gandhi and King were justified for breaking the law because they were takingaction towards unjust laws that caused the mistreatment of the authority.


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