The terrorists groups have no problem of taking advantage

U.S. aids many foreign countries whether it be for protection or intelligence
they are the country many other countries reach out to. Africa has been one of
the poorest and most vulnerable continents for many years with little to no
defense. Since they are extremely vulnerable many terrorists groups don’t
hesitate to settle their camps there and take over. Even groups that were not
originated in Africa have set some of their bases there. Terrorist groups come
into Africa take advantage of their land and the everyday people that live there.
They will capture children and use them in war or as suicide bombers, or they
can capture women and use them as a weapon of war. U.S. Special Operations such
as the Green Berets the army, and Delta Force have set up secret bases mainly
in Northern Africa to spy on the dangerous terrorist groups that have settled
there. It is vital that these United States Special Forces are in Africa to
protect the land and the people from terrorist groups by setting up secret
bases and strengthening the U.S. and African military.

U.S. Special Forces that are in North Africa are there to help Africa with
defense and to grow, if they weren’t there terrorist groups could possibly take
over. Islamic Terrorists groups such as Isis, will build bases anywhere they
can. Since Africa is weak as a whole, terrorists groups have no problem of
taking advantage of weak and lawless areas to build their ability. Africa’s
northern land would be a warzone filled with terrorists groups that could
potentially unite and create an even stronger terrorists group. U.S. Special
forces have been in Africa for almost 5 years now so why would they stop now.
Both the U.S. and Africa are benefiting from this. Once Africa becomes more stable
the Unites States could become allies with them. “Instead of organizational
links, it is probable that the groups will co-operate with each other, thereby
increasing regional capabilities and effectiveness, allowing militants to
launch more frequent, audacious and deadly attacks. Such strikes would have the
added advantage of each group being able to request the services of operatives
from outside their own local or national setting, which from the militants’
point of view would reduce the risk of operations being uncovered in advance” (Gardiner).
In a UN report it was stated that Boko haram and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic
Maghreb have already established connections with each other. Some members from
chad have already trained with each other in Mali during 2011. These terrorist
groups have the capability to unite and spread not only across Africa but in
European countries. The United States Special Forces is what is keeping all of
the groups from joining together and taking over.

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the United States Special Forces are being sent to Africa, but why do they need
to be there? The first reason is to strengthen the United States military
forces and to reinforce defense for Africa. Africa has a high crime rate that
is intensely raising, but there is no enforcement. The U.S. has to step into
position and almost control certain areas such as Niger and Sudan. Africa also
has numerous terrorist groups that are a threat to the Unites States but mostly
to the people that live in Africa. These groups are Boko Haram, Isis, AQIM, and
Al- Shahab. Isis is the most widespread terrorist group in the world, some
members of the group have settled in North Africa. Without the United States army
in these areas of Africa, they would have been taken over by all these fatal terrorist
groups. Unfortunately 3 U.S. Green Berets were killed in Niger. A Green Beret
organizes ambushes, they are separated into units with 12 members in each. They
are highly trained for sabotage, guerilla warfare, and subversion. Along with
having to be in the army for three years, they have to know a foreign language,
preferably Arabic. The Terries group that was thought to carry out this ambush
was Isis. The green berets were involved in a unit advising nearby forces when
Isis attacked them near Southwest Niger. 
“U.S. forces are in Niger to provide training and security
assistance to the Nigerien Armed Forces, in their efforts to counter violent
extremist organizations in the region”(Keller). The two main terrorists
groups that the United States forces have surveillance of are al Qaeda in the
Islamic Maghreb and is is joined with boko haram. The military is constantly
watching out for these groups for any attacks they might plan. They are
currently the backbone by providing their intelligence surveillance and gaining
support from the French forces working in Mali.

number of United States forces in Africa is increasing each year. In 2006, only
1% of U.S. commandos were there to support Africa. In 2016, about 17% of U.S.
special operations were sent to Africa because of the number of terrorists
groups increasing. These Special Forces   have spread out to 33 African nations
including Mali, Niger, Sudan, Chad, and Libya. “We’re supporting African
military professionalization and capability-building efforts,” said Bolduc.
“The Special Operations forces network helps create specific tailored
training for partner nations to empower military and law enforcement to conduct
operations against our mutual threats.”(The intercept). Large groups of
soldiers are being sent to Africa helping as much as they can with no
recognition from people here in America. They show immense bravery and should
be acknowledged for their heroic actions.

U.S. special operations to Africa has been helping them progress as a whole,
but how is this affecting the Unites States. They provided 12 billion dollars
in 2012 in official development assistance. ODA assists foreign countries with
education, health, infrastructure and economic development. The United States
is currently giving foreign aid to 47 African nations. Foreign Aid programs
helps the recipients but also have a positive effect of the U.S. It helps them
build alliances and gives support to democratic transitions. It also helps
Africa with growth and development which can increase trade and investments in
their evolving markets. Africa relies on these aid programs for social and
economic assistance. The United States needs to focus on the defense of Africa
and protecting the continent. “The best way to cope with future disasters is to
use aid to build resilience in the countries that are most vulnerable. We
should act ahead of the catastrophe, rather than respond to it afterwards – be
ahead of events, not always trail along behind them with the emergency relief”
(Watson). Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents, if the U.S. waits to
help them after attacks from terroirs groups then they will have to provide
them with more aid than before.

United States has been in Africa for over five years defending and training
their military. They also have been monitoring terrorists groups and where they
are settling. These commando units are tracking and killing terrorists suspects
such as Isis, al-Qaeda, and boo haram. The United States set up a small spy
network in the African Nation of Burkina Faso. They send out spy planes to hunt
for fighters from al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Most commanders are worried
about the expansion of Boko Haram, they are located in Nigeria and responsible
for a number of bombings there. “In Central Africa, about 100 American Special
Operations troops are helping to coordinate the hunt for Joseph Kony, the
Ugandan leader of a brutal guerrilla group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army”
(Whitlock). The U.S. special operations are in Africa for a reason, they
protect, defend, and control the spread of terrorists groups. The U.S. plans on
expanding security throughout Central Africa, in Uganda Army Gen. Carter F. Ham
wants to continue the growth of ISR. ISR is a military acronym for
intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Instead of the U.S. using drones
they have realized that conventional aircraft is more efficient for spying.
They are using these plans in search for Kony, he is the leader of the Lord’s
resistance Army. They are known for committing mass rape and enslaving children
as soldiers.  In 2007, the U.S. signed a
deal that allowed the pentagon to launch a Special Operations Air Detachment in
Ouagadougou. The United States military is increasing its secret intelligence
throughout Africa by spying on terrorists and their hideouts through small air

Haram is one of the biggest threats of Africa and the American troops there.
300 school girls were kidnapped by the terrorist group. American Special Forces
had to negotiate with Boko Haram to get the girls back. There government
offered them Boko Haram suspects that were being held by authorities for 82 of
the school girls. A campaign had been started by Michelle Obama to bring the
school girls home, this is when the world started to become more aware of what
the terrorist group was doing. The leader shrugged off the attention that was
given to the Nigerian group and he said he would sell the girls on the market
and force an arrange marriage, he also stated that they were their slaves. Even
though the United States negotiated with them to let 82 of the school girls
free only 22 of them were released.  There are thought to still be 100 girls held
captive with Boko Haram forced to be married to fighters or possibly in combat.
The girls that have been returned home told their families that some of the
girls have been raped and have died going into labor. Since then Boko Haram has
kidnapped boys to fight in combat and girls to cook, fight, and bear their
children. The United States has been carefully monitoring the group to prevent
any further mass kidnappings from taking place.

States forces have frequently conducted missions in Chad, Cameron, Uganda, and
Niger. The intent of the U.S. is not to go into war, they want to help Africa
build their nations and independence of their military. These missions in
theory are meant to be effective on the troops by giving them weapons,
therefore they won’t have to rely on American troops. The U.S. has a more
difficult time building capacity in Niger and Mali due to the increasing rate
of terrorist groups. One of the risks that the U.S. is taking is that they
could easily go from simply helping Africa to becoming their permanent defense
unit. Although this is a negative there are many other positives that outweigh
the one negative. Ever since the growth of terrorism in Niger has increased the
mission has changed to kill then capture. When the U.S. started to take more
risks they have been more effective. The small wars that the forces are
fighting could possibly be preventing a major war from occurring. The public
has not been aware of this situation of U.S. mission in Africa and that’s the
way they want to keep it. All in all U.S. special operations have discovered
new ways to improve their military and the safety of Africa.

            President Trump has recently started to get involved with
U.S. special operations being in Africa he has allowed them to conduct
airstrike to be more effective. Trump wants small units being sent to Africa
because he does not want war. The military is using tactics that use private contractors
to help train the troops. When Trump found out about four American soldiers
death he kept silent, but his silence was noticed by many. He also heavily emphasizes
partnering with different countries in Africa that are dedicated to
independence. Along with partnerships Trump wants to open up more business opportunities
for those in Africa as well as the United States. Working with the African
union President Trump is putting forth great effort prevent inhumane acts such
as terrorism and other violent outbreaks. Overall Trump is doing his best with
helping other countries yet still improving his own.

Conclusion, the U.S. special operations is beneficial to Africa providing them
with safety and a stronger military force.



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