The System represents the first class of Information Systems

The importance of information
system in crucial business processes such as decision making and strategic
planning in organizations has been a topic of interest in the research world
for many years.

Management information systems ( MIS )
provide the necessary information for decision making at all levels of the
organization. It is designed in a way to permate data and prepare reports.

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Decision – making is the process by
which organizational members choose specific course of action in response to
threats and opportunities (George and Jones, 1996: 428). Good decision result
in courses of actions that help an individual, group or organization to be
effective, the opposite is its reverse. Every organization grows, prospers or
fails as a result of decisions made by It is members;

Nowadays, managers need  quicker responses that MIS can provide.

Management Information System
represents the first class of Information Systems that is being developed with
the aim of assisting managers in managing and deciding, to create reports with
quality and timely information. Their base are knowledge management systems.

From Management Information Systems it
is expected to provide an information basis in the decision- making function.
In order to realize this role of MIS, it was necesseary to make appropriate
qualitative shifts from the use of databases with the possibility of on-line
access to the inclusion of quantitative methods and models into appropriate
software packages

Management Information Systems
supplies managers with reports, provides them with on-line access to current
and earlier business information.

Management Informaton Systems ussualy
summarize information which are collected within transactional systems
presentig them throug various reports.

There are many definitions for MIS, but one of the
most appropriate definitions describes management information system (MIS) as
“an organizational method of providing past, present and projected
information related to internal operations and external intelligence. It
supports the planning, control and operation functions of an organization by
furnishing uniform information in the proper time frame to assist the decision
makers” 2. The information in MIS describes the firm or one of its major
systems in terms of what has happened in the past, what is happening now and
what is likely to happen in the future. The information is made available in
form of periodic reports, special reports and output of mathematical
simulations. All managers use the information output as they make decisions to
solve the firm’s problems 3.

to Kumar (2006), in order to define Management Information System, we need to separately
observe each of its three parts. Those parts are: management, information, and
In his (naziv knjige), Kumar defined management as the process of planning,
organizing and controlling operations within their businesses.


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