The such as 2MT, which was based in Writtle

The twenty first century is a century
where people want to get a lot of new information and they are trying to get it
in different wats such as television, radio, books, newspaper and etc. As many
of the people know such a popular source of the information is the television,
which everyone has at home or a radio, which the biggest number of the people
have in their cars. In this case wanted to be introduces BBC, such the source that
has everything in one place: the TV, the radio, the news.

  BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation
is British public broadcaster, which was created on the 18th of
October in 1922 by John Reis. As mentioned in Encyclopedia Britannica “It held a monopoly on television in Great Britain from its introduction until 1954 and
on radio until 1972. Headquarters are in the Greater
London borough of Westminster.”. However, there were some others people who were
helping to collect some money for opening and developing the company such as the Daily Mail’s Lord Northcliffe and featured the famous Australian soprano Dame Nellie Melba (BBC news).

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    Firstly to create the company, at the Government’s
behest, first agreed to trial to radio company such as 2MT, which was based in
Writtle , and 2LO based in London. Those to companies were a kind of startup to
make something stronger, bigger and much popular. In a few month after that,
the information about the new source of the information the BBC was spread out
all around the UK and by the 1925, the BBC could be listened to throughout of
UK. According to an article in “A Brief History of The BBC”, The BBC had been
created initially with nothing more in mind than to be a commercial interest;
being owned by the major wireless makers, it was set up to sell radios”. The
owner of the BBC, John Reis wanted to create something new what could be very
educated for the people without any Government influence or any others commercial

   1926 is the year
that was very important for the BBC for getting their rights and popularity. It
was the year when they had a direct contra version with the government, because
the UK Government did now want or probably did not have an opportunity to give
any information to the people.  Moreover,
the government tried to close any kind of sources. That is why the people listened
to the BBC new because they were independent from the government. The presidents
wanted to take over of them but the BBC explained to the Prime Minister,
Stanley Baldwin that they will not get them and taking over of them means
anything , and after a long time of fighting in 1927 the BBC get their first Royal
Charting and their name changed from the British Broadcasting Company to the
British Broadcasting Corporation.

  Ten years later in 1936 the BBC was
becoming transformation and got two hours on official TV. Now it was not only a
radio of a two minutes shows on the TV. It was a normal information show, which
takes two hours, but frankly speaking, it was not too much because of the
British rules they had only one show two hours three times in a week. However,
it did not disturb to develop and make themselves better because even this
incident made them stronger and gave some experience for the future.

  Coming to the 1990-1999 – those years
were the most important and influential because the television and the radio
have changed. In those years, the people have got the Internet which gave a lot
of opportunities to find more books, more channels, more information about
everything and everyone, and unfortunately the BBC became the second
information platform. But the people trusted that web side and did not want to
change it on something else. That is why in order to secure a new charter the
BBC provided new programs that commercial networks would not provide. These show
such as One Foot in the Grave, Have I Got
News For You. Those shows because very popular and their rating were the hires
one in the world.

  Nowadays brought the biggest changes
for the BBC . The digital revolution mean more functions and opportunities such
as taking photos of animals, have number of different cameras for shooting
them, zooming etc. Now the people can look at the world by wearing animals’
eyes and try to feel what they know and feel. In addition, the BBC has changed the
format and know everyone could see live shows. It means that the cameras take places
all around the world and everyone has just to turn his or her computer with the
Internet connection on and look at the animals.   The
people could input their comments and ideas in online time.

  To sim up, as technology grows so changes will continue. The BBC, as with any media
organization, will have to continue to adapt and adopt to the new technology as
well as the need to continue to provide programmers and services as per the


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