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The Business profile of Valve Corporation, they are mainly in make games and sellinggames on their very own software distribution platform “stream”. Their main vision to createadvance technology and immersive atmosphere games and sell gaming hardware over theworldwide. Valve are famous about their games that based on story drive such as 3D andcharacter interaction.The Valve Corporation was founded on1996 by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington. Thecompany headquarter located at Bellevue, Washington. The founder Gabe Newell and MikeHarrington has work as operation system functional product staff in Microsoft for 13 yearsbefore create their own cooperation. They were convinced by John Cormack the legendary idsoftware to license the quake engine and make a game.The Valve Corporation scout for talent against the industry standard operation practiceand start finding people not only professional but has other talent also because ValveCorporation believe “pride in hiring top talent from variety of disciplines and bringingpeople together with one simple direction”. The Corporation confidence that communication,interaction and sharing information can generate a better cluster of people that have faith ineach and other.The First game that create by Valve Corporation were for Sierra, the publisherhoping Valve cooperation to put 3D action game preferably on the quake engine. The ValveCorporation revealed their game at e3 1997 “half-life” was a big success but the second halflife was leaked before they release their game. After that, they have to delay the game releaseand release it after a year with their own digital distribution service stream. Furthermore, theyhave release continue games such as Portal, Team Fortress2, Orange Box with several games,Half-life series, Counter-strike series, Dota and many more.The Valve Corporation success were for half-life that released in 1998, it sold morethan 9 million items in market. Multiplayer shooting game that has development by ValveCorporation that can enable the player to create content and mods such as counter strikewhich turn out to be the most popular game. The released of half-life 2 with their own engine”stream” was huge success with 10 million copies sold. The most higher units sold was fororange box and one of the reason was stream.The financial for Valve Corporation were Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington becausenobody has faith in them and finding a publisher willing to distribute their products wasnearly impossible especially since Newell and Harrington claiming their game would featuresome incredibly sophisticated technology. It give Valve Corporation strength to take risksand earn their own profit without control or shared by others.Competitor for stream is “We_game” the new massive competitor that has platformfor global audience has more than 200 million users rather than stream only has 125 million.


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