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The duality of commodity stocks is that on the one hand, this is a positive phenomenon, because they are needed to satisfy our customers. On the other hand, if you do not control the stocks, there are more and more of them. For them, more storage space is needed, more and more money are needed to purchase new products.

Creating optimal stocks is one of the most important conditions for the effective operation of a trading enterprise. Commodity stock is the quantity of goods that is located in a store or stores on a certain date. The value of commodity stocks is the direct cost of a retail enterprise. While the goods are not sold, it is an integral part of the commodity stock. In trade enterprises, commodity stocks are always present in different volumes, so it is worth considering the optimization of the size of commodity stocks and their management.

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The size of commodity stocks depends on the structure and volume of turnover of the enterprise. For continuous and effective sales, it is necessary to achieve the optimal proportion between the value of turnover and the size of the commodity stock.

Insufficient stock of the product leads to “failures” in the range, and surplus stocks turn into “danglers” and ultimately lead to losses, to attraction of additional working capital.

First, one needs to determine which goods are illiquid. Here we are not talking about products that have lost their consumer properties or about non-repeated or immoderate residues.

One of the reasons for the emergence of illiquid is sales falling. Such a fall may be due to various reasons, but prices affects drop in sales the most. If competitors have changed the price, it has become more attractive to buyers, there is a high probability that they will buy this product from a competitor, and in your company sales will fall. Therefore, after detecting illiquid assets, you first need to check the price of competitors.

If the price level of competitors is the same, it is necessary to check whether there are goods-competitors in your assortment.

There can be many reasons for the emergence of illiquid assets. This is an incorrect definition of the volume of purchases, errors in calculating the demand for the goods and in the order, or the decline in sales for this product.

Most fashion stores carry out large sales twice a year, about a month before the season change. The reason for the sale can be not only the change of the season, but also a change in the direction of the store, suspension for repair or closure of the outlet. In such cases, stores sell goods at dumping prices.

Directors and owners of shops establish discounts on clothes from old and new collections of the outgoing season: the older the collection, the cheaper things are sold. Each store has its own pricing policy, but usually discounts range from 10 to 50%, in some outlets they reach up to 70%.

In the first days of the sale, relatively small discounts are set, about 30%, the fewer things remain in the store, the more discounts there are. They can reach up to 50% of the original value of the cloth.

Two figures on the price tag should show how much more affordable for the buyer became a thing: the old cost of the model and the new price. The more the difference between them, the more willing the buyer agrees to make a purchase. It can not be said that the sale brings the store a significant financial benefit. On the other hand, every new season creates new models of clothes and new offers of designers, next year these things are not so actual. The sale before the change of the season allows the store to get rid of the remains of old clothes collections with the least financial losses. Sales are very popular among buyers, their number at that period grows 2-3 times.

It is very convenient and profitable to arrange all kinds of stocks – you will simultaneously increase sales and get rid of stale remnants. Sales of “3 for the price of one” are suitable. A good move is when buying a certain product to give a “gift” for a certain amount. Such gifts can also be offered to regular customers – it usually works very well on the client’s mind and makes them come back again.

In order to realize inventories, the sale of which at market prices presents a problem for the store, new sales markets and new sales technologies are needed, which enable them to offer their products to a greater number of potential customers. Both can be realized by participating in electronic trading platforms on the Internet. Once placing its offer on the marketplace, the store makes it available to all Internet users.

These platforms can be attributed as their own website, as well as participation in coupon sites. Stores that offer their goods on similar sites do not only sell their inventory, but promote their brand and acquire new customers.






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