The stemmed from the deans and principal who provided

The word ‘Research’ according to the Cambridge
English Dictionary can be defined as: “the systematic investigation into and
study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new
conclusions.” The process of obtaining viable information for this study was
carried out using both primary and secondary sources which banked on the use of
a questionnaire, books and websites respectively. In order to obtain the required
viable data for this study an appropriate data collection instrument had to be
used and a qualitative method of approach was chosen as a large sample was not
required in discovering, “How the ineffective implementation of suspension at
St. Augustine Secondary School impacts on students.”

The data collection method that’s use was maximised
for this research was that of a survey which can be defined as: “A research method
that collects data from respondents through a series of questions either in the
form of a questionnaire or an interview.” The
questionnaire contained some open ended questions, which allowed the
respondents to answer freely and without hesitation but can often be hard to
place into defined response brackets in an overall presentation of data.
However the questionnaire had a predominant presence of close ended questions
which simplified the research and offered an easier route when presenting the
overall collection of data. A total of 25 questionnaires was distributed to a
prescribed list of previously suspended students in St Augustine Secondary
School. This was done in this manner as the questionnaire targeted the affected
students and gave assurance that the research would not be tampered with by any
non- affected students.  Additional
statistical data was also collected from the deans and principal of the school
to ensure the accuracy of the distributed questionnaires. The primary source
data stemmed from the respondents themselves who gave the information required
for the data collection process and the secondary source data stemmed from the
deans and principal who provided the backup information to ensure the accuracy
of the collected data.

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