The raised the chickens and sold the eggs. Now

The population has massively increased from then to now. In the 1900’s the population inTexas was: 3,048,710 now it is 28,797,290. In the United States it was: 76,212,168 now the United State’s population is: 326,021,195. And finally the total population for the world used  to be: 1.6 billion in the 1900’s but now it’s at 7.6 billion. It grew nearly 6 billion in the last 117 years. The increased population has affected agriculture a lot. Since there is billions of people in the world there is a higher demand for food, water and natural resources. This took a toll on agriculture because, farmers had to produce a lot more food in order to feed everyone.Major advances in agriculture has allowed the population to increase. Since we needed more food, farmers cleared more land; now there isn’t much land left to farm on. The development of farm machines allowed people to grow more food and transport it where they needed it.  The massive increase in society made it harder for farmers to produce more food at larger amounts. In the 1900’s farm life wasn’t as easy, farming tools were simple; hand held.They had a break-through when they invented the combine and the steel plow. But now That farming has been simplified; it doesn’t take as much farmers to work on the farm.Back then most farmers raised a variety of crops and cared for many animals. Farmers planted things like corn, wheat, and barley. They raised cattle and hogs. Women planted potatoes, carrots, lettuce, beans etc. The women also raised the chickens and sold the eggs. Now farming consists of a larger variety of food thats grown. And with the tools we are supplied with farming is a lot easier. In the 1900’s in the south they had large scale plantations that focused on producing cotton, and tobacco. We still produce those products but it has massively decreased. In the 1900’s they had 156,000 bales of cotton, now the production has gone down to about 20,545.  Back then 90% of the population lived on farms and produced their own food, now only 2% of the world produces food for everyone in the world. Thats a big change in the amount of people 


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