The political party in Rwanda, and influenced the angry

The Rwandan genocide was intended to murder any Tutsi in Rwanda by
the Rwandan Hutu powered government. The genocide started with the death of the
second president of Rwanda, Juvenal Habyarimana. Habyarimana’s plane was shot
down on Kigali airport on April 6th, 1994 and only a few hours after
this news spread the killing of Tutsis began.2 The Hutu commanders
blamed the president’s death on the Rwandan Patriotic Front, which is the
current political party in Rwanda, and influenced the angry mob of Hutu’s to
kill all of the Tutsi members. The genocide spread throughout 6 provinces of
Rwanda on just the first day. When peace officers received calls Kigali, the
capital and largest city in Rwanda, they spread a hoax that the RPF had killed Habyarimana.
This was believable due to the tension between the Tutsi and Hutu clan, it
would make sense for a political party run by the Tutsi group to assassinate
the president who was not only of the opposing party but also the opposing
ethnic group. By killing the president, the Tutsi group could not only get in
political power but also kill the leader of their rival clan. The genocide also
only affected areas that were under the National Republican Movement for
Democracy and Development party and not the RPF. Meaning that the party leaders
in those areas were actually the ones who encouraged the Hutu citizens to kill
the Tutsi.


            In just the first
six weeks of the genocide 800,000 Rwandan citizens were murdered which makes
this genocide compete with the Holocaust because five times more Tutsi were
killed within the first six weeks than Jewish civilians. Now so did the killers
identify the Tutsi and Hutu? When in small neighborhoods where everyone knew
what clan, each individual was apart of it was easy for the Hutu to eliminate
the Tutsi. But in industrial areas, road blocks where set up as if they were
crossing the border of your country, and they would be required to your
identity card which included their ethnic group. Anyone found to be with a
Tutsi were killed on the spot. However, Tutsi members weren’t the only ones
killed, Hutu members showing mercy in any form were also killed. As the
killings started to occur in the northwestern part of Rwanda the RPF started to
get things slightly under control near the end of April in the areas of Kigali
and Byumba. But what could the RPF do there now, all the Tutsi civilians were
now dead. On June 23th, about 2500 United Nations soldiers entered the
southwestern part of Rwanda to carry out Opération Turquoise. Although the
mission wasn’t very successful it was intended to try and stop the violence and
create a safe zone for the remaining Tutsi members. In July, the RPF had gotten
control of the country, excluding the area used by the Opération Turquoise
soldiers. The genocide ended on July 18th, when the RPF took control
of the northwestern part of Rwanda. Once the Tutsi had got control over the
country, the Hutus fled to Burunadi, Tanzania, Uganda.  

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