The person comes to this country vastly changes. All

main idea that supports this theory, is that in communication is an exchange of
symbols. For instance, when an American citizen hears the term “illegal
immigrant” and the first thing that comes to mind is a Hispanic immigrant, Spanish
speaking who crossed the border aided by unlawful means, and who will work to send money back to their family in Mexico so
they can survive. A person would
usually not pay attention to the fact that there are many immigrants who have
come to the country via airplane, with a tourist or student visa, who are
college educated and who eventually decide to stay in the country for personal
reasons and who looked like an average US citizen.

more correct way to refer to this kind of immigrants would include the term
“undocumented immigrant” since in reality is that this individual is not
properly documented, and often times never is registered as present in the
country. Just by changing one word, the idea of what kind of person comes to
this country vastly changes. All the sudden anyone could be an “illegal”
immigrant. Part of the current confusion or stereotyping of what an
undocumented immigrant looks like, or even how it’s defined, derives from the
trend of Hispanic population migrating in greater numbers currently. By simply
looking at the previous four or five decades, at least one racial group usually
stood out or was labeled illegal compared to the others. Some examples include
the Italians, the polish, and the Japanese; all of these at some point suffered
major criticism and opposition; as one group of immigrants was replaced by another,
the idea of whom the illegal immigrant is changes. From Europeans it shifted to
Asians and from Asians to Hispanics. At the end, each group becomes the new
symbol of immigration and it’s then followed by a host of nicknames which often
times are very crude and turn into an extension of the symbol in the current

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