The out. They kissed while Alma stood in the

The story
is about two boys called Ennis Del Mar end Jack Twist. They’re both teenagers
and born in Wyoming in poor ranches. Ennis had a rough childhood. The whole
story starts with Ennis, He wakes up before five, wind rocking the trailer. The
shirts hanging on a nail shudder slightly in the draft. His job got laid down
so he needed to pack out and find another job. In 1963 Ennis and Jack first
meet at the trailer office of Wyoming’s ranch and farm employment. They sign to
become camp tender and sheep herder. After many days and nights with work, it
was a cold and dark night, so Ennis decided to stay with Jack on his camp
instead of heading up to the mountain. Jack invited Ennis into his tent. Inside
the tent Jack reach for Ennis hand and pulled it to his lap. This was the first
time Ennis was with a man. He woke up without saying anything about the sex,
but inside they both knew how it would go for the rest of the summer. They had
a rough love and fight once where Ennis started to bleed.

The summer
was over, and their boss Joe Agurrie sent a message to bring them down from the
mountain. Ennis and Jack walked different ways to different ways and different
homes. Ennis went back to his wife Alma and his two little girls, Alma Jr. and
Jenny. Jack married a rich Texan girl called Lureen. Her father didn’t like
Jack because he was from a poor family. But Ennis thought about his shirt, he
forgot at Broke back mountain.

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Four year
goes, and Jack wanted to meet Ennis again, like in their old days. He sent a
postcard with a message that he came to town. He met up and Ennis ran out. They
kissed while Alma stood in the window watching. And then they got in to a motel
and had sex all night, talked about their families and feelings. Ennis said he
hadn’t slept with other men, Jack said the same, but he lied.

Jack wanted
to start a ranch with Ennis back at his parent’s ranch, but then Ennis became
personal and told him that when he was a child his father showed him and his
brother what would happen to a gay ranch owner. He didn’t know if his father
stood back the murder, but he was scared that the same would happen to them.

Jack and
Ennis couldn’t be together that much because they lived with their families on
different places. They feared what others would think about them being together.
They hold their relationship secret and met several times.

Alma and
Ennis relationship ended with a divorce and then she remarries. At thanksgiving
Alma confronts Ennis about his relationship with Jack, then he stormed out.

Jack and
Ennis continue to see each other, and during one trip, Ennis and Jack argued
about a lot, and Jack admits that he travels to Mexico having sex with other
men because Ennis couldn’t give him.

A few
months later Ennis got a postcard he sent to Jack for some months ago, it was
stamped with DEACEASED. He called Lureen to ask what happened, she told him
that he changed tires by the road until one deck burst right in his face, he
past out and before anyone found him he drowned in blood. This made Ennis
think, he could not believe it. Ennis had a suspicion about this wasn’t the
truth. Ennis saw it in his head, he was beaten with a tire iron, by some

His ash was
divided in two, one that she buried on his grave and one she gave to his family
back in Lightning Flat, Wyoming. Jack had a wish that his ash would be spread
around Brokeback Mountain because it was his favorite place. Ennis told Lureen
that Brokebcak mountain was the place where they met for the first time, this
led Lureen to think about that they had an affair there. Ennis chose to travel
to Jacks parents. Ennis met his mother who tried to be nice and his father who
was a litte depressed. Their home was a small, depressing little ranch house.

father talked about Jack and his plans. HE planned for a long time to take
Ennis home and start up their ranch again, but that didn’t happen. Instead he
began talking about another guy to start up their ranch.

His mother
invited Ennis to see Jacks room, he saw out the window and tried to see all
this from Jack perspective. And so, he walked in to his closet and found a old
shirt that was Jacks, stained with Ennis’s blood, on the top of one of Ennis
shirts he used when they were in Brokeback mountain. HE took the shirts home as
a token of their love, after Jaks father refused Ennis to take the ash to
Brokeback mountain. He bought a postcard with a picture off Brokeback mountain,
and hang the shirts on his nail shudder.

beautiful daughter Alma came by to visit Ennis. She was now 19 years old and
she was getting married to a guy named Kurt. Ennis hadn’t heard about Kurt
because they had just been together one year. She asked him to join the
wedding, but he wasn’t sure that he would. He changed his mind and thought
about that he didn’t want to lose her to.

I liked this
story very well, but I think the short story was a little bit hard to read. I
felt like in the movie, they showed us more from the dying scene. In the book
Ennis dreams about Jack, knowing that he must stand in the pain. I liked this
story a lot also because its not a typical Hollywood love story. Its two men
from the 60s hiding their relationship because their afraid off what could
happen if anyone knew that their together.

I think
that the sex scene was very important to hold the movie together, because I felt
that we got a better insight of what they actually did and how it actually
happened. I got the impression that it wasn’t that easy to be gay, neither
before or now. And I think the movie was made because its so important to have
the same rights for everyone, and love who ever you want.


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