The order to learn new material and seek for

     The BLAST program will be a great opportunity for me as well as an inspiring experience. I wish to participate in this BLAST program in order to learn new material and seek for an inspiration in the science and math field. First, I love having a place to socialize and gain new and essential knowledge and this program is perfect for that. I feel that this BLAST program will impact my life by providing a source of help in discovering what STEM-related activities I adore. Furthermore, finding what parts of STEM I am fond of is important for when I make a decision in the future of what career I would like to invest my life in. I had countless experiences throughout my life involving STEM activities. Science became genuinely fascinating when I had the opportunity to go visit the Nation Institute of Health in Maryland to interview a pharmacologist for my seventh-grade science project. I got to examine different machines used to make medicine and the lab in which pharmacologists work in. I also started growing interest in the technology field too. The different website that provided small computer programming activities inspired me to ask my mom how to program and what basic knowledge is needed to accomplish the beginning of programming. After these two inspiring experiences, I grew an interest in math as well. I started to build this interest during the multiple times I taught math to my younger brother. I realized that math could be very exciting if I thought about it in a different perspective than being forced to learn and know it. Additionally, I took a computer science class as an elective during middle school. I had an interest in taking this class because I wanted to learn more about computers and many interesting things you could do with it. This class taught me several useful things like learning how to use different applications on computers, programming, and mastering the skill of keyboarding. In addition to my computer science class, I took Latin as one of my languages and electives. I was interested in taking Latin due to the fact of how much it relates to English. Latin challenges and excites my brain whenever I am in that class. Overall, the different electives that I have taken so far have given me loads of knowledge and bits of advice and ways of living in the world. I am a student who loves to be challenged and am able to learn and excell my own expectations from being challenged. Some academic strengths of mine are being able to dedicate a lot of time to studying for test and learning to understand concepts that were taught in school. Another academic strength is that I do not give up until I understand a concept fully. This is important to me because I need to be able to use in the future at any time and can be very useful information. I am interested in using science materials for experiments, playing instruments, and learning how things work. I am the type of person that always wants to be cheerful and never a pessimistic person. I care for my family and make sure that they are all happy when it comes to the end of the day. I am devoted, determined, sincere, honest, and excited when it comes to school. I love being able to learn new things and applying them into my life. Furthermore, a hobby of mine is to conduct my own experiments at home. I am intrigued when I look at materials around the house under a microscope. My younger brother and I share this incredible hobby. I believe that it is a great way to bond with family and to learn about cells and its organelles. Another hobby I have is creating crafts with what I have in the house. One extra-curricular activity I went to was a STEM fair. My dad and I were able to make things like bouncy balls, learn about gravity, conduct a paper plane experiment, and more interesting activities around the school. To conclude everything about me, I believe that science and math take an important role in my life, and I couldn’t be able to live without it.


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