The on how important as a staff to be

case scenario, that will be discussed, is about an 92 years of age  lady named Evelyn who had a fall,  diagnosed with left neck femur and undergone
Left Dynamic Hip Screw surgery. Evelyn Goldstone gained my attention concerning
her Alzheimer’s disease and its connection to her recent accident and admission
to orthopaedic ward. Alzheimer’s disease is the different brain disorders that trigger a loss
of brain function and symptoms of dementia include memory loss, confusion and
problems with speech and understanding. According to Alzheimer’s Society, there
are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over 1
million by 2025.  

would like to obtain various knowledge on how important as a staff to be aware
of the person’s dementia to  provide the
best care possible, its effect on the type or nature of medical treatment the
patient will  receive, how big the impact
of the accident to her life and how she can cope.

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care’  (PCC) has no single definition.
Lauver and company (2002) defined PCC as an essential component of essential
component of quality health care delivery, and the concept is increasingly
being advocated and incorporated into the training of health care providers
(Lauver et al., 2002). Whereas, Institute of Medicine (2001) defined PCC as a
monumental task for the traditional health care setting where efficiency,
standardization, and architectural design were created to organize systems
around medical providers rather than patients. (IOM, 2001). PCC is a holistic
(bio-psychosocial-spiritual) approach to delivering care that is respectful and
individualized, allowing negotiation of care, and offering choice through a
therapeutic relationship where persons are empowered to be involved in health
decisions at whatever level is desired by that individual who is receiving the
care. None of these definitions represent PCC in its entirety. 


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