The of how our needs are derived from the

The noun ‘product’ insinuates that we are a result of our
surroundings, our existence has come from a natural source. To a large extent,
I disagree with this statement since humans impact the environment.

From a rational perspective, humans like to have a surplus;
it gives them a wider access to further opportunities. Humans have the will to
decide, not just because of what they are faced with in front of them, but the
implications that follow. Aristotle’s philosophical theory of ‘virtual ethics’ –
 humans can focus on being good people,
the actions will follow effortlessly. Humans have a nature to flourish and we
adhere to this nature. A person’s characteristic is developed through

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To become virtuous, is to emulate a person who know this
already. Following them at first may feel fake but over time, this will become
ingrained into your character. This demonstrates that humans develop from the
actions and traits of others. This is not an indication of how our needs are
derived from the environment we live in but the want and desire of pursuing
something as best as we can. This leads to the idea of eudaimonia. This means continuous
improving, always setting new goals; it is the satisfaction that you have
accomplished a lot and you have pushed yourself to the very best person you
could be. This is building up in your strengths while working on your

However, to a diminutive extent, this may be valid at the start
of the quaternary period of the Cenozoic era. Humans were not as advanced as
they are now. There was a greater instinctual need to fulfil at the time with a
greater reaction to stimuli. But as we develop through time, we come to new
solutions, methods, ideas to overcome this and live our lives through with a
higher life expectancy, eradication of deadly diseases and technological
advancements, coming with better results and accomplishing greater feats in
humanity like finding the cure to cancer, ending world poverty or reducing
waste to increase efficiency.

Humans are having a continuing impact on the geology and the
ecosystem of Earth resulting in significant changes in the Earth’s atmosphere,
an example being climate change. Humans have had an impact on biodiversity,
they have accelerated the rate of species extinction. In stratigraphy, the
sedimentological records signify the biological changes over time and Paul
Crutzen in 1995 said that “human activities… could compete and interfere with
natural processes”.

Evolution does not define us. It is a theory not a fact. The
monotheistic religions show that humans were created by God – ruler of the
universe, the supreme almighty. Humans are affected by the action that are
caused by others. This is indicated by the Anthropocene debate – the dominant
influence on the environment caused by human activity. It may have been when
humans first started cutting trees down, the industrial revolution or the time
of nuclear warfare.

If one limits themselves to the environment, it becomes
difficult to succeed in life.


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