The of 1763 forbade colonists to move west of

The 13
colonies were founded by, governed by, and abused by England. After a while,
colonists got sick and tired of all the new, unfair laws being enforced by “The
mother country”. Even the most loyal to the crown got worn-out by them. Colonists
saw war as a way for liberty and they took that opportunity. A great deal of
death and tragedies finally gave birth to an innovative free country. It is arguably
the wealthiest and freest country in the world nowadays.

            It all started after the French and Indian War. These acts
included: The Proclamation of 1763 forbade colonists to move west of the Appalachians;
In Pontiac’s Uprising, many colonists
were brutally murdered by Native Americans and Britain did nothing to aid the
colonists; A series of laws were later set to make profit for Great Britain.
These acts did not stop coming in until the colonists started rebelling against
them. Then, the Boston Massacre occurred.
It was one of the most influential moments to convinced everyone what side they
had to go on. Even after this, The Intolerable
Acts came through.

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            The new laws really got many
colonists angered. They formed a band of patriots called The Sons of Liberty. These messy heroes inspired many to come
together and rebel. After the Boston
Massacre, they exaggerated how many people actually died by naming it just
that. They went as far as causing the Boston
Tea Party. Even though some people didn’t go to that extent, they proudly
supported The Sons of Liberty and
their actions.

The First Continental
Congress convened on September 5, 1774 in protest of the Intolerable Acts. They all gathered in
Philadelphia. Here, they debated whether they should go about it with peace or
violence. The compromise was to boycott British goods, but prepare for war.
They also drafted the Declaration of
Rights to be sent to King George III.
It listed ten grievances/resolutions to make things work between them. He
refused to accept and sent Thomas Gage
to capture revolutionary leaders at Lexington
and Confiscate weapons and gunpowder from Concord militia. Both armies fight at
Lexington and Concord. The patriots won and made the British retreat to Boston.
The Second Continental Congress was
the first attempt at a republican government in Congress. They, once again,
compromised but delegates kept showing greater dissatisfaction. They asked
states to draft new state constitutions. Delegates also authorized
Massachusetts militia to become the Continental
Army. Finally, they named George Washington
commander of the army.

On June 1776, Congress forms a committee to write the Declaration of Independence. They had
three main ideas they wanted to have in there. They were: People possess
unalienable rights, George III violated these rights by taking without consent,
and colonies had the right to break apart with Britain. On July 4th,
Congress approves the Declaration. King
George III finally accepted their wishes and The United States of America was born.  


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