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The Girl With All The Gifts (Book) (2014) (M.R. Carey, Published by Orbit Books)The Girl With All The Gifts is a post apocalyptic horror book written by M.R. Carey, set 20 years after an apocalyptic societal breakdown due to a mutated strain of Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis that turns infected individuals into cannibalistic creatures called ‘hungries’. The book tells the story of Melanie, one of a group of children who have have keep their intelligence despite been infected, and her relationship with other a group of survivors after their research base is attackedPlotTwenty years after societal breakdown, humans have now hidden themselves in barricaded themselves in walled off cities like Beacon to hide from the infected and find a cure or vaccine. After finding a group of infected children who have not lost their humanity they set up a research base miles away to study their behavior and intelligence in a classroom environment before dissecting and studying the funguses effect on their bodys. One of the children is named Melanie, she is noted by her teachers to be highly intelligent and over time she develops a bond with one such teacher, Miss Helen Justineau, and a hatred for Sergeant Parks, the commander of the bases security and Dr Caroline Caldwell the lead researcher at the base, who dissects the children in an attempt to find a cure. The story follows them and Kieran Gallagher a soldier at the base, as they attempt to travel to beacon after the research base they were at is destroyed    Style:The Book is written in a style that changes depending on which character is the main focus of the chapter or paragraph. When the main focus is on Melanie or Kieran the style shows a sense of wonder at the old world, Caldwell’s style is very professional, Park’s style is very aggressive, and Justineau’s is very caring and professionally. This style changes also applies to the adjectives used for characters, Melanie dislikes Caldwell and initially hates Parks but that as that changes so does the adjectives used for Parks, this adjective change applies for all characters.Review:The Girl With All The Gifts is an interesting take on the post-apocalyptic zombie survival genre, the book focuses more on the character changes and relationships than action allowing for the reader to easily relate to them and making it more gripping when the characters are put into dangerous situations. It is well written, and the style changes depending on the characters also helps the reader relate to them and see the story unfold from multiple perspectives. The story is gripping and the twists in the plot always keeps the reader invested.  Score: 9/10                                                                   


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