The match, acceleration and therefore deceleration occurs very frequently.

The aim of this study
is to research the effectiveness of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
stretching and dynamic stretching on the flexibility of hamstrings in football
players. Many of the current studies on PNF stretching are studying the effect
of PNF stretching on many other factors, not DH1 just flexibility on the
hamstrings (Konrad et al, 2014; Cengiz, 2015; Mehta et al 2013). The study will
be conducted
on footballers because hamstring injuries and flexibility is a large problem in
the sport DH2 (Crema, 2016) and there
is not enough research into the comparison between DS DH3 and PNF. The MOI DH4 of a hamstring tear is
usually the rapid deceleration during (Croiser et al, 2008DH5 ), and during a football match, acceleration
and therefore deceleration occurs very frequently. DH6 If the flexibility can
be increased, the point at which the hamstring is under too much tension
becomes later through the range of motion and so the hamstring will not tear so
quickly. Van
Doormaal et al (2016) studied the effect of flexibility on prevention of
hamstring injuries and concluded that more research was needed to provide a
reliable result to the research questionDH7 . Cayco et al (2016)
suggests that insufficient flexibility of the hamstrings can lead to lower
back, hip, and lower limbs problem which then leads on to a larger population
that could need the treatment that will be proven to be the best during this
studyDH8 . We would DH9 also like to draw a conclusion to if the flexibility does
not help prevention of injuries, then whyDH10 . Although the study is focused on footballers, the study could be
used for the prevention of the same injury in other sports because of the
mechanics of the injury, hamstring tears and strains are the most common injury
in sport, especially running (Lempainen, L, 2007). DH11 This study could also lead on to further research in
flexibility and prevention using these methods. By studying which is the best
form of stretching between these two methods, we will be able to provide a more
reliable way of treating any injuries that may occur. Like many other studies O’Sullivan
et al (2009) researched the effect on dynamic stretching and static stretching
on both flexibility and performance, although their results showed that dynamic
stretching was not as effective as static stretching at increasing flexibility,
the comparison was static stretching, and not PNF which is where our study will
lie. This
is why we believe a study into the comparison between PNF and dynamic is neededDH12 . Behm et al (2016) suggested that there are few studies
that made a comparison between dynamic and PNF, the one study that was
performed was performed in 1985 which showed that PNF increased ROM more than
DS (Wallin et al, 1985).


This study could lead on to other research in similar
areas to help understand the mechanism of injury in this area. The study will
also look to improve the professional skills of each therapist and therefore
improve the ability to treat different injuries.DH13 

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could be expanded on

you provide the full term first with the abbreviation in brackets


place for the citation

doesn’t make sense – needs to be more specific

what did the results sugest?

this doesn’t make sense.


the title reflect this?

common sporting injury? Or one of?

I can see where you’re coming from with this being
transferable to other sports due to deceleration of running but what about the
kicking action?

have slightly missed the point with the rationale for the study – you should be
discussing the possible benefits of both, what previous research has shown, the
potential mechanisms by which they are effective and then stating why you want
to compare them. What benefits may come as a result of this research i.e. if
one is more effective at increasing hamstring length than the other the this
suggests it could be used in reducing hamstring strains because xxxx said there
is a specific link between the two.

the aims – how will you aim to improve tretaments??


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