The Jane is very well known and here are

The scientist I had to research is Jane Goodall. Jane is very well known and here are some things I found about herJane was born on april third 1934 in London, England. Her father was a businessman and her mother was an author. As a kid she dreamed of going to Africa. Her favorite toy as a kid was a stuffed animal chimpanzee. At age twelve Jane formed a small nature club called the Alligator Club. ther were four members in the Alligator Club herself, her sister and two other school friends. When she was little her family moved several times. Soon after moving to northern France for only two months world war two had started so they moved back to England. Jane married to a photographer and filmmaker named Hugo, Van, Lawick. They had a son named Hugo after his father’s first name. However Jane and Hugo split up in 1974. She married again to Derek Bryson, but he passed away in 1980. All her life she had prosopagnosia which makes it harder to recognize faces, she found out when she was only 60 In 1945 when she was eleven, Jane and her family moved to the uplands to start high school. She got many awards for her work. For example she got the Disney Eco Hero award, the Benjamin Franklin medal, J,paul Getty wildlife conversations prize and the Living legacy award. Jane went to college for awhile and got a PHD from cambridge university in England. Jane started studying animals but later studied chimps or chimpanzees. She began working on chimps in 1960 in tanzania, Africa. Not a lot of people know that before she was a scientist she worked as a secretary and waitress. When Jane started studying chimps she had no formal training. She did research and observe chimps for a long time. These are some things she saw chimps do and how she observed them. Jane was the first person to find out how chimps communicated. They communicate through sounds, calls, body and facial expressions. She was also the first person to see a chimp use a tool. They would pick a piece of grass put it in an ant hole and once the ants climbed on the grass they would pull it out and eat the tiny bugs. She also found out that chimps actually hunt instead of just eating plants and bugs which is what scientist thought at the time. After awhile of jane studying chimps they accepted her into the group but was kicked out later because the leader didn’t like her. She wrote several articles and books about her experiences  with chimps including In the Shadow of a Man and 40 Years in Gombe. Jane did a lot of interesting things. For example she named chimps she worked on. One chimp she named David GreyBeard. There is a carving of David GreyBeard on the tree of life in Disney Worlds Disney Kingdom. Some other names were Gigi, Mr.McGregor, Goliath, Flo, and Fordo. These were some things about Jane Goodall that I found.


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