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The helping of others is an undervalued concept that when thought upon can have a large impact on the lives of many, and the fate of a newly born country in the case of the United States.. The American Revolutionary War was a war won on multiple fronts for the Americans. The war had peaks and valleys for the forces even getting so low where it was thought that it would result in an unsuccessful rebellion by a colony to its mother country. The involvement of the French into the war led to more peaks for the United States and less valleys. France was one of the most powerful and wealthy countries  in the world during the late eighteenth century. After their defeat to Great Britain in the middle of the century their desire to avenge that defeat fit an American need at the time as they needed a strong ally for military support during the war. Through the outcome of the Seven Years War, the “Treaty of Alliance”, “Treaty of Commerce and Amity”, and the involvement of Marquis de Lafayette, the French played a enormous role in the United States winning their war for independence against Great Britain.France was eager to help the United States during the American Revolution because of the Seven Years War. The Seven Years War also known as the French and Indian War was fought between France and England. It was a battle for territory in North America, “and one disputed territory was the Ohio River valley”(French and Indian War,1754-63).  This piece of land was crucial as whichever country controlled it had a trading advantage in North America. France  fought against Great Britain, but Great Britain’s naval  prowess eventually won them the war. The winning of this war led to France having to sign a peace treaty with Great Britain. This treaty was known as the “Treaty of Paris” which was signed in 1763. The “Treaty of Paris”, was devastating to France as they lost all of their territory in mainland North America. They had to give up crucial land in the Ohio River Valley and Quebec in Canada. Also, the French had to give up all of their lands east of the Mississippi River to England as part of the peace agreement between the two countries. This land included the Mississippi River up until the Appalachian Mountains which was a large portion of land. They maintained controlled of New Orleans, but lost everything else in mainland America as an effect of the treaties. Also, the Peace Treaty of Paris in 1763 states that “The Most Christian King cedes and guaranties to his Britannick Majesty, in full right, the islands of Grenada, and the Grenadines,…And the partition of the islands called neutral, is agreed and fixed, so that those of St. Vincent, Dominico, and Tobago, shall remain in full right to Great Britain.” This article of the treaty signified how much that France had to give up to the English. Even though France did gain back some islands and retained access to Newfoundland, when the Americans fought Great Britain they were eager to join as they thought that they got the raw end of the deal as a result of the peace treaty. The French were still embarrassed from their defeat during the Seven Years War, and felt as if they had to avenge that defeat to the British. In James Breck Perkins book he wrote, “The terms of the Treaty of Paris were galling the French pride, and it was certain that the French statesmen would seek revenge whenever there was reason to suppose that France had her old enemy at a disadvantage… there was a strong desire to humiliate England, and it was thought that the loss of her American colonies would be a ruinous blow to her prosperity”(Perkins 21).  Louis XVI the king of France at the time   was a young impressionable ruler, and was willing to get revenge for his grandfather’s loss, Louis XV, at any cost necessary even if it bankrupted his own country as explained by James Breck Perkins. . This mindset of of Louis XVI was a main factor in France contributing to America in the American Revolutionary War. Through France’s defeat at the Seven Years War 16 years earlier the desire to weaken Great Britain was great enough for them to help the Americans in their war for independence. The “Treaty of Alliance” signified the official start of the alliance between France and the United States during the war for independence. This treaty gave insight into what the France would provide to the Americans officially even after behind the scenes aiding earlier in the war. As a result of this treaty, France would aid the the Americans if war was declared on them. In article 1 of the “Treaty of Alliance” it states,, “If War should break out betwan France and Great Britain, during the continuance of the present War betwan the United States and England, his Majesty and the said united States, shall make it a common cause, and aid each other mutually with their good Offices, their Counsels, and their forces, according to the exigence of Conjunctures as becomes good & faithful Allies”(Treaty of Alliance between the United States and France; February 6, 1778). Once this treaty was made public on February 6 of 1778, Great Britain declared war on France putting the treaty into effect and starting the official alliance between the two countries. This alliance allowed France to provide official military support for the American front on all fronts. The French largely affected the war with their naval power. As a new nation, the United States did not have much of a navy which allowed Great Britain to control the ports during the war limiting what support the United States could get from other european countries. The naval power of the French allowed the United States to be able to receive supplies that they dearly needed. James Breck Perkins wrote about the significance of the France in the war  in his book France in the American Revolution. Once the troops fought side by side, it resulted in a turning point in the war for the Americans. In his book he wrote, “The eventful campaign of 1781 now really began. It was the only year in which American and French armies effectively fought side by side; and through their successful cooperation the independence of the colonies was forever assured”(Perkins 343). The french troops and generals were more skilled than those of the colonies forces. The inclusion of them into the war helping out the inexperienced American army led to great success for the United States. During this year, the United States won the Battle of Chesapeake Bay and the Battle of Yorktown which were two of the most important battles in the fight for independence. The french forces were able to use their skill and naval prowess to change the entire outcome of the war. Before the French and American forces started fighting together it was a true possibility that the war would have resulted in an unsuccessful rebellion by a colony against their mother country.  Marquis de Lafayette was a key person in the French involvement in the American Revolutionary War. He was an orphaned French noble at the age of fourteen and joined the Royal Army two years later.. This decision to join the army at sixteen would affect him later in life as he developed his military skills and strategy during his time in the Royal Army. By 1777, six years later, he began to understand why America was going to war with Great Britain, and decided to contribute. Upon his arrival, “Congress commissioned him a Major General on the 31st of July. Later in the summer he met General George Washington and a friendship developed between the two men lasted as long as Washington lived”(The Marquis de Lafayette). His position in the army and his relationship with rhs leader of the Continental Army led to Marquis de  Lafayette making contributions not only on the battlefield but in his home country supporting the American cause and pleading its case. He was asked to join a coup by some Continental Army soldiers to overthrow George Washington, but instead pledged his full loyalty to his friend and commander George Washington. He saved numerous american live in the American Revolutionary War with his heroic actions in Rhode Island in 1778. It says about Marquise de Lafayette actions, “Lafayette though fatigued from his long trip to Boston, asked Sullivan to command the rear-guard and thus he brought out safely more than a thousand men and supplies and united the forces with Sullivan’s main army”(The Marquise de Lafayette). These action by him allowed the Continental Army forces to still have a chance in the American Revolutionary War. If not for what he did, the army would have lost thousands of soldiers and supplies that was crucial in their success of winning the war against Great Britain. Since the United States as a new country, losing that much supplies and soldiers would have almost been impossible to recover from as they weren’t large enough or wealthy enough to take such a massive hit. This makes Marquis de Lafayette all the more important in America’s success in winning the war. Also, when Marquise de Lafayette returned to France he advocated for the increase of help given from France to the United States. As a result of his persistence Count de Maurepas said in the royal council: “It is fortunate for the King, that Lafayette does not take it into his head to strip Versailles of its furniture, to send to his dear Americans; as his Majesty would be unable to refuse it.” In addition to governmental supplies Lafayette purchased our of his private account a large amount of supplies for the troops he would command on his return to America”(Thee Marquis de Lafayette). This persistence by him allowed the Americans to receive more troops for France so that they could have a better chance at winning the war. Also, his own willingness to buy supplies for the troops out of his own pocket had an immense effect on the American Revolutionary War. The role of Marquise Lafayette was immeasurable in the United States success in the war.Overall, France gave a large amount of help to the United States throughout the war which led to an eventual victory for the United States . Through their assistance the United States was able to gain the advantages they needed of having a wealthy and powerful country on their side during the war. Even if France’s reasoning for allying itself with the United States was not the greatest, the outcome allowed a nation to be born. Treaties and working by side can make a huge difference in how an event goes as evident in the American Revolutionary War. Only those who desire help can accomplish their goals.


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