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The poem “Alone” by Maya Angelou made me
think about life in general. I thought this piece of work was very deep and
emotional. The message that nobody can make it alone in this world can be very
controversial, which called my attention. Although many think that this is a
lie and that some achieve to get by alone, I think it is just a thought of
selfishness. This poem made me realize that we must all unite in order to
succeed in life. Those who decide to only water their own grass will end up
drowning but those who decide to help water others will end up blossoming

            Upon reciting this piece of work, I
was moved by how touching it was. Repetition of certain words, like “nobody”,
emphasize honesty of what is being told. The message was powerful and made me feel
emotional knowing the harsh truth of how stubborn some can be at not trying to
form a community to rise together. How sad it is to see people have everything
in the world that money can buy, but yet not be fulfilled with happiness. How
alone, us humans are bond to suffer at the hardships life will throw at us but
together we can stand up against them.

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            After reading this poem, I was
stunned. Angelou left me speechless at the way she delivered this message to
her audience. As if my thoughts were suddenly fixed upon the realization of how
important it is to have someone dear in life, which makes life meaningful. I
was shocked at how much I enjoyed this poem, navigating the web made me stumble
across it and I’m glad. I feel like this poem can relate to today’s society,
where people are becoming too fixed on social media platforms and are
forgetting what it is to show affection, make friends, or just simply connect
without the use of technology. Many can have tons of friends online but behind
the screen of their phones they are empty inside and lonesome.





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