The influence in American culture. Most of the people

The news and media have
always been a major influence in American culture. Most of the people in the
United States have always been participants when it comes to media coverage and
the news is always there to catch the event and broadcast it for the world to
see. On the other hand, regular people have the ability to capture moments
themselves with the use of their smartphones and record events and either live
stream the event or post the recorded video on social media. Reporters that are
broadcasting information on the news or social media have a responsibility to
make sure that what is being reported comes from credible sources. The media
does have a social responsibility to accurately report the news. When you turn
on the TV or read an article on the internet, terms such as “Fake News” are
widely mentioned or argumentative politicians bicker over events or
regulations. It is the responsibility for the reporter or media to gather all
the facts before spreading the information in an article or news program.

            The role of the information and news media is important
when it involves any politician’s opinions or politics as a whole. The media
can be very influential when it comes to how the public assesses their views on
politics. The media has the responsibility to gather information from credible
sources and report the truth. If the media is misinformed or lacks the drive to
pursue the truth, then the majority of the public suffers from receiving the
wrong information. This has a huge impact on the minds of different individuals
which can confuse them or sway them to elect certain politicians. For example,
in the 2016 Presidential election, almost all of the news networks projected
Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States. This media
exposure allowed me to believe that she could slightly win over Donald Trump.
That was not the case and President Trump overwhelmingly won over Hillary
Clinton. It was not even close. I do not know if the media was misinformed and
reported the news or most of the networks slightly favored the Democratic
candidate. The Presidential elections showed me that there are still flaws in
the reporting system and that is something the media has to work on.     

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            Electronic media and the convergence
has transformed journalism and news consumption. The convergence of electronic
media dramatically changed journalism due to the new digital technology having
a better turnaround. For example, several years back, people would have to wait
for the next day to read a newspaper. With today’s technology, news media are
able to have a faster turnaround to report the news either through different
applications on your phone or through the internet. It is also faster and
readily available on your smartphone with real time updates.   


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