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The significance of effective, graduate-level communication.

There is an increased importance for the skill of communication in each and every sector of the society. In many occasions, students continue to struggle in the process of effective communication. They lack the ability to convey their ideas and thoughts effectively to their lecturers and the peers. Many students demonstrate the lack of skills in both written and oral channels of communication. The effective communication is very critical to the graduate level students to accomplish their expected goals. In the process of their education and training, the graduate students are expected to acquire certain skills at the end of their respective courses. They have to undergo suitable training and valuation for the positions that they have to reach. They have to find possible teaching and training opportunities to enhance their skills. They have to achieve a higher quality of knowledge to attain the respective levels of their trade.

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In order to achieve those above-mentioned goals the students have to participate in workshops, seminars and training programs and in such occasions they have to encounter certain problems. These problems may be critical for their more notable achievement, so they must have the ability to communicate properly in both oral and written forms to get these things clarified. As another aspect of developing their skills, the students have to communicate with their mentors, peers and resource persons in order to expand their skills, so the process of communication is very essential on such occasions. The effective communication can assist the students to share their ideas with the audience and also to get the message of the audience in an accurate manner. In the graduate level, the students have to submit a lot of paperwork in the process of attaining their respective academic levels (grades) (“Taking Your Communication Skills to the Next Level”, 2006).

The written form of communication is very substantial to them on such occasions. Most of the students have to encounter the problem of plagiarism in the process of submitting their papers.

Plagiarism is one of the complex issues faced by the students. Many occasions the lecturers reject or deduct some marks from the papers due to plagiarism. The students have to submit plagiarism free work as they have to submit their own work to get the maximum marks and there are several types of research papers, so they have to take great care in the case of paraphrasing and getting certain statistics (Mitchell, 2013). The universities expect plagiarism free work to impart their respective certification to the students. In certain cases, foreign students have to confront these issues, as some of them are never used to plagiarism test in their countries, so in such cases, it requires a lot of effort to attain their academic levels. The students can get rid of plagiarism by writing the respective content in their own words and they have to utilize suitable methods of referencing in the occasions in which they have to get the support of the other sources. The students who can offer plagiarism free papers can achieve their respective grades without any problem and they have to get themselves trained in the process of plagiarism free writing.




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