The generation wireless mobile internet networks are real wireless

The  5G technology is providing supervision
tools for fast action and then  high quality services of 5G technology based
on Policy to avoid error.  The
traffic statistics by 5G  it more

Keywords:5G in network Architecture,5G in wireless
Technologies,Application and characteristic of 5G.The remote diagnostics is
 a great feature of 5G technology.It
speed has 25Mbps and it support has virtual private networkThe 5G has:              *Lower out age probability.*Better coverage and high data rates. •*Lower battery consumption. •.. *More secure. .                                     

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*Higher system level spectral efficiency.The network 
which is all-IP based model for wireless and mobile networks
interoperability. The system consists of a user terminal  and a number of independent, autonomous radio
access technologies. Within each of the terminals, each of the radio access
technologies is seen as the IP link to the outside Internet world. This means
that in case of interoperability between heterogeneous networks and for the
vertical handover in the radio technologies. This approach is
not- flexible, and it is based on today’s Internet communication.This layer is
crucial in the new architecture. Wireless communication has started
in early 1970s. In next four decades, a mobile wireless technology has evolved
from 1G to 5G generations. Fifth generation technology is  very high bandwidth that user never
experienced before. The Fifthgeneration technologies offer
various new advanced features.The 5th generation wireless mobile internet networks are real wireless world
which shall be supported byLASCDMA(LargeAreaSynchronizedCodeDivisionMultipleAccess),OFDM(Orthogonalfrequency-divisionmultiplexing),MCCDMA(Multi-Carrier
Code Division Multiple Access),UWB(Ultra-wideband), Network-LMDS( Local MultipointDistribution Service), and
Fifth generation should be more intelligent

technology that
interconnects the entire world without limits*It has Global Networks. * Real wireless world with no more limitation.* Wearable devices with AI(Artificial Intelligence)capabilities. *Internet protocol version 6(IPv6)According to location and connected network.*It contains  multiple concurrent data transfer paths.*It has HAPS(High altitude stratospheric platform station).*In 5G Radio Resource Management. *In 5G network is very fast and Reliable.*It Offers High Quality Services.*The 5g Technology allows users of mobile phones
recording for printing operation.

*It also support virtual private network.

*The uploading and Downloading is very high.

*It has more effective and bidirectional.

*It contains Connection density.

*Around 1Gbps data
rate in mobility.


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