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The wage gap is a crucial topic for women in the workplace.  It affects women in nearly every occupation. The gender wage gap isn’t just a thing of the past, it still occurs regularly in many different fields. On average according to the Huffington Post, ” women in the US make 79 cents for every dollar a man earns.”  This is a serious problem that if left unaddressed will continue to occur.  The wage gap between men and women should not exist because it is unjust and women work just as hard as men. The wage gap is unjust and unfair between men and women.  Throughout history, great strides have been made to treat men and women equal such as the 19th amendment which legalized a women’s right to vote. In addition to that, in 1963 the equal pay act was put into place to abolish wage difference between sexes.  However the pay difference is still very common but is still ignored by most people.  Women work just as hard as men but are still paid less. Does that make any sense? The Institute for women’s policy research states that “women are almost half of the workplace” and “they are sole or co-breadwinner in half of American families with children.” This proves how big of a role they have in families and society. If they are eligible for the same job it is only right that they are eligible for the same wage.One might feel that the wage gap is important because fixing it could disrupt the economy and have a poor effect on families. Men would have to be payed less in order to even out the difference between men and women. Although it could negatively affect the economy, it is more important for equal wages for the same job disregarding gender.  A majority of people work to provide for themselves or their family.  They spend countless hours behind a desk or out in the field to bring home money.  They could have the same skillset and same experience level but one gets paid more than the other.  Clearly that doesn’t make sense. If women works just as hard and it is unjust to pay a women less for the same job as a man then why is the gender wage gap still a problem?


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