The focus not upon action, but rather upon the

author Bagozzi, 2006), state that First, attitudes toward the act under the TPB
focus upon what one does or can do, whereas predicted emotions focus not upon
action, but rather upon the attainment and failure to attain a goal. Under the
TPB, all previous circumstances have action as their referents.

acting to provide the reasons in previous circumstances in the TPB, it is appealed,
and may be expressively correlated with intentions, but do not incorporate
explicit motivational content needed to induce an intention to act. Consumers
often have favorable attitudes toward luxury automobile, , and the
intend to acquire it, but  most of the
time could not want the automobile or not form an intention to buy it.

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  Those respondents are asked to consider how
negatively they would feel if they failed to achieve their goal is a
significance of the prefactual processes. The more negative the expressed
feeling, the more motivated respondents were to put forth effort and hence the
positive association between positive and negative projected emotions.


to (fang 2010). The practice and knowledge sharing could be important factor
because it permits to collect resources and to foster future growth. However, a
challenge in sustaining a VCoP is to stimulate its members to spontaneously
share knowledge. i.e., the willingness to continue knowledge-sharing.

key to success, not only for organizations, but also in VCoPs In the global
knowledge economy is knowledge sharing. There are many ways where companies accomplish
their knowledge resources and create their own ideas included execute
innovative by promoting VCoPs in strategic areas.

individuals who believe that management has concern and cares about their
rights and needs In other words, such individuals are more willing to spend
time and effort on tasks. They are much efficient as comparison with others.




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