The Every single day, there is a boy who

perfect man, is a man who is powerful, who is wealthy and handsome. No. A real
man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is, will work no matter how
vexatious it is, and will stand up for his others cause. A real man is not
limited by society. A real man is capable of his values, hopes, dreams and
aspirations. A real man will go the distance. A real man will not take no for
an answer. For no is for the weak, and a real man knows he is strong and
competent enough to try. To try to prove someone wrong. To strive to be the
best. A man is himself and not some label the world has given him. When the world
raises the male standard, the men who are afraid and want to fit in hide, but
the real men will be themselves. Women are always saying how men have the upper
hand, and how they have nothing to worry about, “Be a man”, “suck it up” or
“don’t cry” are only a few phrases picked from a basket of ego-damaging words
built into today’s society. Every single day, there is a boy who feels inferior
because he is unable to fit the standard. Boys will always be limited by
society, but a man lives his own life and and has his own values.


find it appalling how people have the audacity to think for a man and not let
him think for himself. They are old enough to know that. A real man can defend
himself and doesn’t need someone to do it for him. He isn’t some helpless chick
who needs his mother. Pop culture brings us shows like House of Cards or Housewives
and shows a lost era of when “men were men” while fantasy series such as The
Walking Dead or Game of Thrones thrives on the concept of masculine power and
how men are different. Why does movies and shows always celebrate the man child
or what it means to grow up? Can’t we figure that out for ourselves?  Being a man means getting yelled at for
forgetting to put the seat down. Of course it doesn’t! For some reason society
has been grappling on the fact that somehow, we as a culture have ‘lost’ what
it means to be masculine. Feminists, writers whatever, have been fighting with
the idea of what makes a man, whatever idea they have, whether it is good or
bad, men will always prove them wrong, and mush the fly of an idea they have of
what it’s like to be a man. Women have always been fighting for freedom of speech
or the freedom to do what they want. But we have never thought of how men want
less demanding jobs or less combat related deaths or even job related deaths.
But a man knows that, that is life and will always be that way. Life is unfair
and life is difficult, a real man will be able to tackle that and make life
seem easy and he will make himself confident and ready to move on, that’s what
a man is.

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